3d Big pic action

3d Big pic action

its my first upload
Im not Professional.
hope enjoy

Copyright: iranian_mind00

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3d Big pic action

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  1. I tried to use it after I download it but it doesnt work very well

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  3. Ponto_de_interrogacao

    Thanks! 10 =D

  4. Missing

    The actions doesn't work properly I'm afraid (and before you ask, yes I know how to properly use PS actions).

  5. Missing

    Thanks You!It looks good!

  6. ?height=50&width=50
  7. Missing

    Dankeschön ;-)

  8. ?height=50&width=50


  9. Bm049

    thank you :)

  10. Missing


  11. Thumbnail

    nice yaa!!!!

  12. Noby

    Nice;like it a lot......
    U make it looks easy...

  13. Rq


  14. Missing

    nice one..
    get us more..

  15. S._a7atjk.com_3_

    wooooooooow thx ..^^

  16. Missing

    thank you verry

  17. Missing

    Thanks for sharing.

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  19. Missing

    i like this a lot :)

  20. Jasoft


  21. Missing

    Great one

  22. Hanka3


  23. Missing

    so kool....THX

  24. Missing

    thank you

  25. Missing

    Hi,can someone give me a clue how to use this please.Thank you.

  26. Augen1

    Thank You

  27. Claudette_20090507_0037_headshot_4x5_72ppi

    That's quite an action! A very neat effect that I used in a thank you card. Thanks for sharing your skills!

  28. 2329242205_716caa6ce8

    Esta muy bien....thank you

  29. Missing

    Thanks! Awesome!

  30. Missing

    Muito bom

  31. Pj_s

    It came in handy :-) Thanks.

  32. thank

  33. Missing

    THX Nice

  34. O_real_madrid_posibles_fichajes-999370

    muy bueno ;)

  35. Missing

    nice..thank you

  36. Thanks!!

  37. Missing

    very veryyyyyyyyyyyy thanksssss...

  38. Missing

    very veryyyyyyyyyyyy thanksssss...