Abstract Brushset XIII

By r0mande in Brushes
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Version: PS7 or Lower
Number In Set: 13
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Please visit http://r0man.de for all abstract brushset!
There you'll find tutorials for these brushes.

Abstract Brushset
13 awesome brushes !

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  1. thx ^^

  2. Thank you

  3. wow BB

  4. great...:)

  5. Bewerkt

    Wow, me like!

  6. nice ayyy !

  7. 100_1884photoshop


  8. 3dme

    Not many brushes as cool as these

  9. Missing

    Beautiful, just what I was looking forThanks,

  10. GOOD....

  11. Missing

    Amazing For Back ground Creation

  12. Missing

    excelente aporte

  13. Si!

  14. Missing

    esta muy bueno.. buen aporte y gracias :D

  15. Very Cool thanks a lot!

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    Muchas gracias, la ayuda es muy grande..

  17. thanks-gracias muy bueno

  18. Missing

    thank for sharing

  19. Missing

    thanks for sharing

  20. 1310011159533_f

    esa estan de akellas XD

  21. 1061525702

    thanks for sharing

  22. Missing

    very nice!

  23. Missing

    love it !! i have saw thier effect in a tuturial on u tube , it's pretty good !!

  24. Missing

    baik bro!!!

  25. Missing

    it is cool so much cool thx

  26. awesome

  27. Missing

    So awesome!! Thank you!!

  28. Mangekyou_sharingan_by_cynosura

    wa a nice brushes its really cool
    thank u man

  29. Missing

    Thank you!!!!!! I like it!!!

  30. Missing

    nice brushes !! Thank you : )

  31. Missing

    sweet brushes. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Missing

    i click download and nothing happens wtf

  33. Fff

    i love it

  34. Missing

    amazing! thank you c:

  35. Missing

    is this ok to use commercially >?>>

  36. Alright, thanks ;)

  37. Missing

    These are amazing! Thank you for putting them up :D

  38. Missing

    You need to exit out of your photoshop and then go back in. Then look at the brushes and they should be there. I have the same problem. :)

  39. You can use it commercial aswell, just dont sell them or say its yours :)

  40. Check out http://r0man.de

    There's a brushes guide which explains how to install them

  41. Why not? Which version do you have?

  42. 31436_116536241710038_100000609897295_142769_6335543_s

    fantastic brushes im trying out and learning to use, i hope the download works. Need any pictures or pictures of something just let me know imay help you.

  43. Missing

    i click download file and thn i click open and nothing happens...whats up with that?

  44. Missing

    Thank you . it very powerful.

  45. Missing

    Thank you.....is amazing..i download

  46. Missing

    Thank you I am going to prove them though below there is a comment that he says that they do not work: (

  47. Missing

    not work =(

  48. Missing

    great, thanks :)

  49. Missing

    Awesome set of brushes. Thanks! :D

  50. Missing


  51. Arif

    nice brushes..

  52. Missing

    Yeah It's Beautiful

  53. Image453

    Beautiful Brushes<3

  54. Missing

    i cant download it if i open fhotoshop i cant see dis file at brushes thing

  55. Missing

    Pretty hard you know :D GJ

  56. 13972995

    thanks for this awesome brushes. =3

  57. Missing

    what is the license of this brush?
    Is there any place in this website I can check the license?

  58. genial.. gracias

  59. Good2


  60. Arash

    eyval damet garm

  61. Sonys


  62. Fire_copy
  63. Missing


  64. gracias!!

  65. Missing

    Great!!! beautiful ray Image :D

  66. 47355_1187202898052_1767711700_390791_1489149_n

    VERY interesting.

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    Nice one :D All your brushes are getting in handy for me thanks :D

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  69. Willverine

    Awesum bub!

  70. Jsmokefinal

    awesome! thanks! :D

  71. Missing

    plz tell me how can we use its in photoshop 7?

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    muchas gracias

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  75. Gan

    very good

  76. Missing

    so good! ><

  77. Missing

    why wont this download work for gimp?

  78. 1252167847534_f

    son muy chidas

  79. Missing

    i can't get this brush to work... I have a mac and i'm tryin to use it for gimp... it continues to say i don't have the right application to run it... I NEED HELP!!!!!!! (please)

  80. Untitled-1

    Thank you for uploading...)

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    U are the bast

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  85. Go_go_emo_rangers

    goddamn ! cool

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  87. Profile_film_ver.


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    o.o Nice.

  89. awsome

  90. Dj_g__s_innersoul_v1gargolabyneri

    thanks man cool

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    thanks man

  93. Cruz_mision_joven

    Hola somos Misioneros Servidores de la Palabra

  94. cool.