Halloween sketch brushes

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Here is a free version of my Halloween sketch brushes. These include 5 hi-res brushes. You can buy my full sketch pack for only $3.50 from my blog, that pack includes 14 great sketch brushes which can be used for any design. It's a great deal, enjoy!
Also, if you have any requests, let me know! Be sure to check out my FB page as well and become a fan!

Just click on the "Store" button on top!

Be sure to check out my Facebook page and become a fan for give-aways.
It's under "Sabor Designs"

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  1. pretty cute :D

  2. 548543_474192965947026_1231539912_n

    NIce one >>

  3. Missing

    너무 멋있는 브러쉬에요! 이런 분위기 정말 좋아해요!

  4. Hey, man!
    I used your brushes in a game for Ludum Dare.
    Check it out :)

    I just wanted to say I loved so much your brushes, you're really talented!
    I'm considering buying the whole set :)


  5. very nice!

  6. Missing

    thanks a lot

  7. 36260_137792626277894_100001414715797_219915_7376490_n


  8. 17030321


  9. Hi Mike,

    Your thumbnail and Preview looked so good, I had to download the brushes and take a look-- you have a delightful style! Thanks!

  10. Missing

    The brushes were nice. I made a simple background that looked amazing with them.

  11. 29xisn6


  12. Missing

    Thank-you, very nice!

  13. Manual5


  14. Sclogo

    wow.. thanks so much for these.. onces.. great work.. by the way..
    i will check the store to buy the premium onces..
    will definitely credit onces used..

  15. Missing


  16. Gq


  17. Missing

    wonderly creepy- thanks

  18. Sam

    Very cool & creepy, thanks :)

  19. 17030321

    Thanks! I'm always working on more so check back often.

  20. Icon

    These are very cool. I really like you're brushes. I might look into buying some.

  21. 17030321

    Hey everyone, if you like this set, I have added more premium brushes on my blog. They are different than this set, Enjoy!