Big Grungy Brushes

By webdesignerlab in Brushes
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Version: CS3
Number In Set: 15
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15 grunge brushes, large size, most over 1000px.

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  2. thank you... :-)

  3. eccellente!

  4. Missing

    Thankyou so much.!!!!! very nice.!!!

  5. 2


  6. ow oky nvm

  7. hey can i get some assistance as to how i install these brushes plz :)

  8. Missing

    Thank you very much

  9. These are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Missing

    Nice job

  11. Missing


  12. Missing

    Can these be used in PS Elements 7 or 9? Thanks

  13. Missing

    Thank you

  14. Missing


  15. Missing

    that's great

  16. 7vv_com-360970470-

    Thanks thanksss

  17. Missing

    Meeeehhhhhhh Hated it, But then again they are Too detailed for my taste (Seeing as I prefer to create the details on my own)

  18. Photo_on_2010-04-26_at_19.22

    i dont know what to say

  19. Missing

    These are blowin' my mind! THANKS.

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