Shape Pattern Pack

Shape Pattern Pack

Various shapes & bright colours in eye catching patterns.

Copyright: kelsey-burciul

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Shape Pattern Pack

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  1. 06_avatar_middle


  2. Missing

    thank'z,,,, :)

  3. Looks like a pattern to me! :-)

  4. Photo%20on%202012-01-18%20at%2012.35%20%236%20copy

    oh I see what you mean .
    I'm used to making a file that can be used as a pattern itself rather than a repeated background, but maybe I should try that out next time (:

  5. good point, repetition of an element, if you repeat these you will not have a "pattern". And when i search for a pattern , I expect to receive a file that can be used as a repeated background, but maybe these are other kind of patterns that I am used to? :)

  6. Photo%20on%202012-01-18%20at%2012.35%20%236%20copy

    Pattern means the repetition of an element (or elements) in a work.
    Elements of design include: line,shape,colour,value,direction,size,texture .
    How are these not considered patterns ?

  7. so ,where is the pattern? you just have a few high resolution images...

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