Classic Baroque Patterns

By Peterplastic in Patterns
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A little collection af some Classic baroque patterns for photoshop.


Also, check out some commercial pattern packs:

on: graphicriver.net/item/baroque-pattern-collection-1/142242?ref=peterplastic

or my site - www.peterplastic.net

A good place to ask questions :)

Happy downloading

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  1. thank you...cool

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    Thanks :)

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    i have cs6 need help addin the pattern

  4. i Love it ! Many Many Thanks!

  5. Lovely Brushes! Many Thanks!

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  7. Once again thanx My blog: <a href="http://infotecharena.net/" rel="nofollow">check out site</a>.

  8. Thanks, i loved!

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    Thank you so much.

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    Noah Noah Noah Noah Noaaaaaaah ! ! ! ! !

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    Noaaaaaaah ! FTW !~

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    Thanks for the patterns! ^^

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    thanks! nice

  15. I love all of your Baroque patterns. Thank you so much.

  16. Animo San Beda!

  17. Missing

    thank you so much !!!

  18. Pp

    Hi there.. try going through the "blending options" menu that shows up when you right click the layer you want to add the pattern to.
    In the buttom of the blending options menu there is a sub menu called pattern overlay that allows you to chose the desired pattern overlay.

    I hope this helps.

  19. Missing

    I couldn't :( too

  20. Missing

    I can't put brushes on my photoshop. the file just would not open :(

  21. P02

    u really helpfull to me^^

  22. Missing

    I love your brushes. I would like to use them in some of my wedding albums and/or portraits. Would that be ok?

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    its nice

  24. Missing

    simplemente hermosos

  25. Capture

    it is great :P

  26. Missing

    big thank you for your great job

  27. Keanu

    ...There is a lot of nice things from here, Terimakasih!

  28. Missing

    thanz for sharing.

  29. Missing

    I love it! thank you, I may use it for commercial use.

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    niki lag batik ta.?

  31. Missing

    thank you for sharing . . . I feel creative just looking at them. -LL.

  32. Missing

    thank you

  33. Missing

    Simply lovely! Thanks!

  34. thank you for sharing these wonderful patterns

  35. Chaiwat


  36. Missing

    amazing ...

  37. Iiii

    Oh I am VERY excited about these! Thank you!

  38. Missing

    Thank you so much! :) I hope I can use this on my online shop! =) I will give you a discount if you drop by! LOL! =) Thank you!

  39. Etsy_garden_avatar

    Thanks for sharing. This will work nicely in my design work. Best Wishes. C.

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    Graphically Gorgeous!

  41. Thank you.. so great!

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    Beautiful! thank you!

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    great, really great!

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    great patterns, thank you

  46. Gq

    Really Great

  47. 1

    great designs...

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    so cool

  49. Missing

    Patterns, I mean.

  50. Missing

    Hi. :) Love the brushes. Would it be all right for these brushes to be used in a yearbook or in-school publication? Thank you. :)

  51. Missing

    hi there, thre look fab.. can you please tell me what the terms are regarding commercial use? thanks :-)