Pirates Shapes

By Akexis in Shapes
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A few shapes I put together that I felt related to pirates.

Link me to your work, I'd like to see what you do!

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  1. Missing



  3. Sessiebw

    I'm surprised no one mentioned there was an issue with the file before. It's fixed now.

  4. Pirates

    When downloading and uncompressing its a shortcut to some one desktop, totally useless.

  5. Missing

    great thx!

  6. Missing

    very nice, thx

  7. Sessiebw

    Thanks! Let me know if you ever need anything specific.

  8. you r awesome

  9. Sessiebw

    Definitely. If you get a chance, link me to what you're doing, I'd love to see how these get used.

  10. Me-new-photo

    Hi These shapes are great, Thank You so much for sharing.
    Wendy (UK)