Community Guidelines

Please read and follow these simple rules:

Brusheezy is a welcoming community of artists, designers, and visitors developed for the sharing of authentic, original, and creative resources and ideas. All are invited, all are welcome, as long as 'all' can follow along with the rules of the road. There aren't many, so don't fret - they are simple and easy to follow, and only are in place to keep people happy and healthy. Around here we have really enjoyed sitting back and watching your creative prowess pretty much take charge and develop this site into what has become - a huge system of support, and a creative outlet and supply enhancing the work of artists and designers the world over. Thank you for your loyalty in using, sharing, and loving as well as your continued citizenship in the Brusheezy network. In addition to these Community guidelines, please see our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Frequently Asked Questions for further wisdom and guidance - follow these and you'll never be asked to be quieter or leave the party.

We love you the way you are!

The more you channel your inner creativity and dig deeper into what drives your ability to produce, the more worth you will bring to the Brusheezy community and more importantly, the greater world of art. Something inherent in those words is the fact that YOU bring what YOU produce - you create things brought from your mind, and you don't try to be someone else. People will respect you more when you don't forge someone else's work, but when you tell it true. Misrepresenting where a resource came from, or how it is licensed to be used, or who you are in the first place isn't ever cool anywhere, but especially on Brusheezy. Therefore: tell the truth.

Sharing makes everyone feel good!

It's fun, easy, and what makes the world go 'round - everyone benefits from it, including you. Sharing is what keeps the Brusheezy community alive and thriving. Without it, we and all of these resources would be out of reach, leaving all you artists to fend for yourselves, and making the creative process 100 times longer. This would be a little annoying, so here at Brusheezy, we advise (and greatly appreciate) that each user upload all of the resources he or she wishes to freely share with the world, because you might have that one brush another artist needs to finish that ad print, and he or she might have that last one you need to finish that commissioned band poster, so spread the wealth!

Naughty vs. Nice.

Around here, the nice guy always wins. Brusheezy won't allow the disrespect of others, the hatred or misuse of other peoples or kinds of people, and instead wants everyone to follow the golden rule - treat others and their resources as you wish you and yours to be treated. This way the 'family friendly' Brusheezy site will stay as welcoming and accepting of all kinds of ages and types of people equally.

Please don't over self-promote.

This is a sharing site, so naturally, each user will promote his or her unique resources for the Brusheezy world to notice and use - this is NOT a free for all advertising board used to promote another's website, product, or service. Therefore, please keep your comments and links and uploads relevant to the dialogue that users want and need to be a part of. If you still want to advertise on Brusheezy's site, guess what? You can!! Just contact us - we'd love to have your banners on our page.

Be constructive and fair.

As with any community of artists, the Brusheezy members and staff greatly appreciate constructive and helpful criticism - our work deepens and becomes a richer being when others' input is gleaned in the editing process. So, please feel welcome to help each other with things that will help the growth of work and the development of thought in one another's art. I mean, if you help make other people's work grow, it will in the end help your work, since this is a site for downloading and using other people's hard sweat earned vectors and patterns in your own art and design! Lots of times people will open themselves up for criticism or suggestions on this site - please keep one another's feelings in mind - nobody likes a bully.

Be fruitful and.... no, do not multiply.

Be fruitful, yes! Do not make multiple accounts with us with the intent to deceive or misuse or in any way do anything against the rules. If you honestly take advantage of the perks of the Brusheezy site, you will have no need to game the system or violate the guidelines.

The highway.

No one who voluntarily becomes a member on the Brusheezy site surrenders their right to leave it. It's always totally up to you to be a citizen and offer your resources. Brusheezy does not own or sell or promote one over another, but if you still feel this site is not for you, we understand. We will be sad to see you go, but grant you good luck and wish you the best on down the road where ever you are. Hopefully we will meet again.

To end, we feel these community guidelines are pretty reasonable and fair, and ask that you please follow them each and every time you visit this website. We'll probably have to contact you and take some action if you decide to be naughty, but we really don't like playing the parent to people we didn't birth ourselves, so please don't make us. We pledge to be fair and engaged and open as the Brusheezy community organizing leaders, and only ask the same from each one of you.

Thank you so much!

Team Eezy