Steampunk Photoshop Styles

Steampunk Photoshop Styles

These are really fun! I've totally wanted to do this for a while - but I seem to get caught up in looking at pretty pictures. Anyway - use it how you want to. If you want more "steel" looking textures - just mess with the colors. The ones I've made here are all brassy or copper looking etc.

For personal or commercial use. Not for redistribution - however if you ask nicely I might let you.

Steampunk Photoshop Styles

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    ..Thanks BruheeZy..nice 1 iDoL from phil N Cebu

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    when you say commercial that means i can use it for to print papaer flyers?

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  4. Small

    Awesome! Thanks!

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    Nice Work

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    I like it this is cool

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    I like it !

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    I like very much.

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    good work

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    very nice nd harwork from designrs
    thanx alot

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    maismais :D

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    Thanks you! More styles for CS4
    PLEASE!! :)

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    Awesome stuff m8, cheers!

  19. Profile

    Awesome! Thankyou : )

  20. Me2

    Really nice...Thanks

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    thanks so much

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    very cute

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    awesome style :')

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    great style

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    Thank you! is very very good

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    Thank you! is very very good

  30. Sw-box_bigger

    awesome, thanx for sharing this!

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    Thank you

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    very very good

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    Very snazzy

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    Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  35. These look wonderful, thank you

  36. Aya

    Thank you!

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    So cool! Love these! Thanks!

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    how can you use it though i know my stuff is pritty cool but how can you use this texture for words sorry i am a newbie to this kind of things
    New York

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  40. Edisenyo

    like it much.thanks

  41. Missing

    My jaw dropped open. Soooo awesome!! Thank you.