Chocolate Photoshop Styles

Chocolate Photoshop Styles

These were made some time ago with the intent to publish on Valentine's day - but my computer had other ideas and took a vacation (the powersupply). ANYWAY - the styles are done and have been published on my blog for sometime as well as other places. But just to make sure you guys don't miss out I wanted to share the chocolate love here.

The texture for this was made in ZBrush - I luv ZBrush and it's ability to bend mesh like clay. Please comment if you like these or if you use them in your designs. I would love to see the fabulous creations based on these or any of the items I give out.

Chocolate Photoshop Styles

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  1. Missing

    TY so much~ Sweet! :)

  2. Artworx_2_

    I love this site!! AWESOME stuff!!