Glitter & Sparkles Brushes

Glitter & Sparkles Brushes

Versions: Photoshop 7+ (CS's included), Photoshop Elements 2+, GIMP 2.2.6+

Various scatterings of glitter. Some glittery swirls and individual sparkles included.

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Copyright: obsidiandawn

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Glitter & Sparkles Brushes

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    Thank you! Perfect brush set for baby pics!

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    Thank you. These are one of my favorite set of brushes to use :)

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    I love it! I would love ti make those kind of lights

  4. 008

    thank you so very much

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    Love It!

  6. ?height=50&width=50

    Amazing! I'm in heaven...<3

  7. I like sparkles .he......Thanks.....!

  8. Missing

    Wow, I love it! :D

  9. Alaa

    O M G >>>>>>thank you

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    really good ^^ love it ♥

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    i love it

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    Thanks C:

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    Oh My Gosh. I Love It!

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    So pretty thanks ^^

  15. ?height=50&width=50

    Love it :-) going to use it in my skins && don't worry i'll give credit xx

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    I've had this one for ages and i use it all the time. its soooo gorgeous and can be used in anything.

  17. Missing

    thanks ! Thats so cool !

  18. Missing work is gonna be much easier..thank you!

  19. Vj2

    Copy the downloaded file to the fallowing folder..
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Presets\Brushes

    If your using windows..

  20. Vj2

    This one is really nice.. i was looking for this kinda brush

  21. Snapshot_20110613_1

    Can someone help me? I don't remember how to download the brushes :(

  22. Missing

    Very very nice Dawn
    Always nice from you Thank you so much
    And I have CS5

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    good for use.

  25. Ella_en_el_agua


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    Fabulous = thank you!

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    This is beautyfull!
    Thakn you!
    I love this! :D

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    Thank you!!!!!!

  29. Missing

    Low quality. Definitely doesn't work for CS3+ (I'm on CS5, and the quality definitely isn't compatible.)

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    I cant put it onto my pixelmator program and i really want it :'(

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    Thank you for this

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    Very Nice

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  34. Neko

    thankss XD !!

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    Thanks for sharing :)

  36. _ron1

    Great, thanks:)

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    these are great! thanks!

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  39. Missing

    Really pretty!
    Thank you!

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    I Really like it .. Thanksss :) :)

  41. Fruits_et_l_gumes

    super beau

  42. __orchid_sized_4_flickr_48x32

    Beautiful! Thank you :D

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    thanks :)

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    These are fabulous, thanks you so much. They were just what I was looking for, magical!

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    esta buenisimo gracias broth...

  47. Image453

    Thank youu:)

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    Super, ich bin begeistert

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  52. Pywi5

    Danke sehr!

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    Thanks. ^0^

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    thx 5stars rating

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    thank you

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    Thanx Alot

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    WO is very nice!!! ney :3

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    thank you

  61. Pantherdog

    Yes! I've really been craving some glitter in my art and you have the perfect brush! Thank you :D

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    thanks :)

  63. Portada-carlos4
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    Thank you for uploading

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    thank you! It's very beautiful :)

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    cant wait until try
    thank you

  71. thaaanku , you freakin saved me :D

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  73. Serhado


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    Gret dude blusky

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    So beautiful
    love it!

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    Love this brush

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    love it!

  78. D06857d054

    super :>

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    thx ^^

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    really great,thaks!

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    thank you

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    Thank You

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    very cute

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    very nice!

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    thankesssssssssss,good work

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    I like this!!!

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    i love them

  94. Miku_hatsune

    These brushes are awesome. :))

  95. Jessi-badhairday

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful set of brushes!

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    WOW WOW WOW !! you are all sooo talneted! I feel like a kid in a candy store rofl, so glad I found this site, maybe some day I'll learn how to make brushes too :), for now I will just have to settle for learning how to use them lol.

  97. Getattachment

    it lookz so beautiful :) <3333

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    love this so much . <3

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    thankyou so much, love these xxx

  100. Kens

    So cute... ^^

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