Snowflakes Brushes

By hawksmont in Brushes
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Yay! I'm giving you Christmas gifts before Halloween :D

I now it's early, but you'll need some time to create your awesome winter designs. This set contains 20 big snowflakes.

Happy Snowing!

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    How do I use them using PhotoShop CC ?

  4. I love your license agreement! I solemnly swear not to use these brushes in any violent, abusive or offensive way. Only for the purposes of good, informed, intelligent design. You rock!! Thank you whole heartedly!

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    Thank You :)

  6. I love the brushes I get from you. They have helped me a lot. Thank you so much.

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    thank you! very nice***

  8. Oh! This is a huge help to me! THANK YOU!!!

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    Thank you for creating them

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    wow I like these brushes! every snowflake is nicely done, I'll definitely use these! Thank you for creating them!

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    I am having trouble.... I have Photoshop CS4 and downloaded the file - when I click on the file in the folder, nothing comes up. Please help!

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    Thanks ^-^

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    Thank you! Great work!

  15. thanks! it's so good for make a Christmas card!

  16. Avatar

    great ^^

  17. Arty_computer_square

    just fab - exactly what i want - thanks and have a lovely Christmas :)

  18. thanks yo! happy christmas!

  19. Thank you very much!

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    Wow! Just started a direct mail piece today for Christmas. Thanks so much.

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    Thank you so much! I love anything Christmas-y!!

  22. Photo_100

    Thank you! :)

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    Thanks! ..............

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    Wow,amazing.Thanks you.

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    so cute love it Thanks ^^ keep it up

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    It's very beautiful.

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  29. Peyman

    thanx.very nice

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    thanks ! good Brush. i like it :*

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    beautiful! thank you so much!

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    Thanks u

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    Thanks for this. Put them in FLASH and watched them melt.

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    so beautiful!

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    thanks it's beautiful

  37. 710334mggggggggg

    thnx ☺

  38. Thank You :)

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    thanks alot :)

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    It's cool! Thanks!

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    thanks alot..:)

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    thx u ^^

  43. thanx!!

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    It's great thanks!

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    beautiful work, thanks heaps!

  46. Img_9240

    thank u soooooooo much!

  47. Luna_s_moons_small

    Beautiful snowfakes! Thanks so much!

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    brill - thanks so much!

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  50. Edited_03_copy

    Awesome! Cheers :)

  51. Chiquitooo

    THX... love your sharings

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    so beatiful ~ thanx for sharing
    that will do my work very well :)

  53. thank you ครับ

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    Beautiful thank you so much............

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    Thanks! Beautiful work!

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    thanks for sharing this.....nice work.

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    These are beautiful and add a nice touch to the cards I am designing - thanks!

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    Wow! Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks

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  64. Gaje

    nice d><b

  65. looks cool :)

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    Thank You!!

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  68. Thanks(´∀`●)!!

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  71. Supergirl_8

    Thank you very much.

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    Cute yet realistic snowflakes. :)

  73. Manga-lune-rouge

    very nice !

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    Thank You!

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    tatti lag rha hai.

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    w0w ha

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    i like it.....

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    Nice, Thanx

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    you're amazing rock n roll girl. thank you very much