Paint Brushes #2

By lovelace in Brushes
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Second package of my paint brushes, done with tempera paste & water color. 6 different brushes in several sizes.

please credit me if you use them.
comments are appreciated.
do not claim them as yours or modify them.

they are free for non-commercial & commercial use.
but please send me a link to your work!

♥ enjoy!

(font used is "MamaeQueNosFaz")

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    thanks !

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    Era lo que necesitaba muchas gracias

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    Thànk u

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    where i have to paste these files in photoshop

  10. Bla

    I'm sorry to hear, I've downloaded them from here and they are in the ZIP file. Everything okay, I sadly don't know what your problem is :(

  11. 187590_100002069029457_2170346_q

    -_- it wont let me open them to photoshop.. im trying to find them.. but idont know where they are... i lookd in the zip.. NOT THERE

  12. Bla

    ♥ Thanks

  13. Bla

    hey, just click the download file button above. Then you have to unzip the file!

  14. Sse

    how do you save it as a ABR file type :S it automatically saves as a compressed file -.-

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    谢谢分享 很不错的笔刷

  18. __orchid_sized_4_flickr_48x32

    Awesome! Thank you :D

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    Thank you...! ;-)

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  21. Maja

    Great Brushes! :)

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    thanks a alot :)

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    thanks 4 sharing :)

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    Thx - great !!

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    çok teşekürler

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    Thanks for this.

  29. thanks for this brushes :D