Ribbon Brushes

By ROZAIRO in Brushes
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Version: CS3
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my first brush collection for Photoshop Cs3

Please note me and credit if used.

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    awesome! thanks!

  3. thanks!

  4. lot of thanks ^^

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    gracias por los pinceles he..!!! estan buenisimos

  6. perfect, thanks a lot.

  7. thanks! creative brush

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    thanks! creative brush

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    thanks! amigo

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    nice brush...

  12. Meeee

    thnx bro.

  13. 247563_191536014230279_100001216448553_542323_6356262_n

    my favr. brush .)

  14. Meeee

    thanks 4 using it!!

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    Thanks! looks great.

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    Thank you, great work

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    Cheers m8!

  19. Guah_

    nice!thx u

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  21. Dark_knight


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    thanks for sharing

  23. Hi,
    great work! I have a question: i tried to collect brush-sets in a Package and will give a bundle download on my page of them. Do you have a problem about these? Surely i gave credits to the author ;)
    Thanks a lot!

  24. Meeee

    thnx guys.........

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  26. T192

    wonderfull i love this work

  27. Missing

    nice brush

  28. 224512

    no problem, i am assuming you know how to do that, otherwise you would have asked me what i ment or for more help. Well in any matter if you need anything at all let me know and i will be willing to use my photoshop genius to help you :)

  29. Missing

    Thanks il try that

  30. 224512

    you COULD

    step one: duplicate the layer with the brush on it once for each color...
    step two: colorize it manually that way

  31. Missing

    Hey nice brushes - but how can I achieve all the different colours in one brush ??

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    vielen Dank

  34. Missing

    Muchas gracias

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    Hola muchas gracias por tu aporte... esta pagina en verdad q es util...
    muchas gracias :)

  36. Ahamed

    Hi I'm ahamed.brusheezy website is very useful for me. i like this website. Thanks

  37. Meeee

    thnx,.. but u can't add colors like this. i made that before creating the brush. hope u get it.. feel free to ask☺

  38. Missing

    nice brush rozairo.. how to add colors? can u give me a little bit tips?

  39. Missing

    love it

  40. 1_425556907l

    nice one.. two thumbz up 4 this..

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  42. Teh_tarik

    Wow...they are very beautiful....

  43. these are so useful, thanks a lot!

  44. 5

    thank you ... COOL

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    niceeeee thanks

  46. thanks alot....'o'

  47. Meeee

    thnx ok i'll try! ☺

  48. lovely job bro, if possible can u do PS3 like ribbons

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    perfect! thanks!!

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  52. Good work guys

  53. good job!!!

  54. Meeee

    thnx. wht u mean by that other colours?

  55. Meeee

    Thanks for all Comments Guys....☺,

    ♥Visit my DA page for More Brushes....

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    Nice job,,,Do you have in other colors?

  57. nice one bro

  58. Untitled-1

    this web site wander full i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yours brushes real i don't forget . this is real

  59. Imagine_

    Very nice! :)

  60. Bola_69_lila

    Muy , pero que muy buenos.

    Muchas gracias .

  61. _hip72

    Buenisimo el aporte men

  62. Meeee

    * Hi opettersson, i apply colour before making the brush, u can't change the colour now but u can make one.. send me a u r mail id i'll send u r little tute. :)

  63. Missing

    Very Good!! But how do i change the colours?
    I want to use two differnet colours...
    And one more thing: how do i get the rainbow "thing" in the brush??

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    thank you~

  65. Sans-titre-1

    very GOoooood

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  67. Avatarmangawiel

    very nice brush, perfect ! thanks a lot !

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    Thanks this is awesome

  69. My_blackbery

    very nice brush..! thank u

  70. nice!

  71. Otimooo

  72. 695758pentagram_satan

    lindo lindo

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    cool !
    love it !~

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    thanx rozairo

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    Strabigliante. grazie

  78. Snapshot_20091217

    WOw !! Great

  79. 20544_108696169142011_100000048861363_223945_1261141_n

    I like it so much....thank Rozairo

  80. Ma

    es justo lo que nesesitaba

  81. nice

  82. Mazerolles2_new_icon

    Very nice :D

  83. Perfect for my wedding invitation. Thanks :D

  84. great!!!

  85. omg this are so cooooooool

  86. Meeee

    thanks guys..
    new set of brushes coming soon..!!

  87. Photo_on_2010-04-26_at_19.22

    love it
    i feel like buying a ribbon

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    that was great :D

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    very nice thank you

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    thank you!~

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