Ultimate Brush Pack 5

By Axeraider70 in Brushes
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Version: CS5
Number In Set: 87
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Say hello to Ultimate Brush Pack 5! This set contains 87 high resolution photoshop brushes. Don't forget to check out my video tutorial here.

Thanks for downloading! Let me know what you think!

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  1. Hounddog

    Wooooonderful brushes

  2. es muy complicado deberían poner una opción para descargar rápido porque hay quienes recién estamos comenzando en esto y lo utilizamos para sacarle provecho y no estar de vagos

  3. wonderfull

  4. excellent thanks
    to you!

  5. Missing

    so beautiful

  6. Marley
  7. Missing

    excellent thanks

  8. thanks

  9. H_lion_icon_250x250

    A smashing and generous combo of very useful brushes. Well-executed creativity; can't wait to try 'em all.

  10. kULL

  11. Missing

    Thx u :D

  12. Missing

    does anyone know, where i can get this abstract brush on this businesscard:

  13. Thumbnail[1]

    Very nice...good work.

  14. Missing

    like it really

  15. Logo_300

    87 brushes for 5 Mb, that's certainly not HiRez!

  16. thank you for sharing your brush pacs always fun to work with

  17. These are my favorite thanks bud

  18. Missing

    buenísimos los pinceles..!!!

  19. the best.tx!!!!

  20. Missing


  21. can't wait to use this.. thanks a lot

  22. Thanks for Sharing! REALLY COOL BRUSHES!!!

  23. Nice. Thanks

  24. need some brushes

  25. Thanks a ton!

  26. thx 4 your sharing

  27. weniziimo

  28. Missing

    Too Epic

  29. Missing

    Thanks for ur sharing

  30. thanks mate.
    u're awesome!!

  31. nice!!
    Thanks for ur sharing :)

  32. Very Nice brush set. Many thanks

  33. Missing

    I like it Thank you!

  34. Missing

    Gracias, excelente. Bendiciones.

  35. ty i dont need 2 download 1 by 1 now

  36. you Know ... I like iT ,,,,, Thank you

  37. Missing

    thnkx man !!!!

  38. Missing

    GREAT brush set THANK YOU!

  39. Missing

    Dude....I download a lot of brushes but YOUR brushes are sex! Like, if sex had a digital form, it would be your brushes. Keep up the awesome work yo!

  40. Missing

    I have learned these are all .abr extensions. I need .jbr format. Can you make these available so they work in PSP ? My system won't open .abr files!!!!!

  41. Missing

    I love your brushes.. however when I download them I can't find them in PSP 9

    Are these for PSP 9 or higher?

  42. Missing

    cheeezes, these are amazin,yo... thanks from deep in my hart thanks!!!!!!!!

  43. Missing

    it's really cool!

  44. Missing

    thanks! realy good

  45. _


  46. Missing

    Nice brushes... but how did u get the white glow in the middle??

    sorry im new to photoshop =)

  47. very nice brushes!!

  48. Mhp3rd_dl_w01i


  49. Missing

    very like , thanks

  50. Missing

    Like The Brushes Nice Resolution Maynn

  51. Missing

    Like The Brushes Nice Resolution Maynn

  52. Missing

    would love to use that picture..

  53. Missing

    I'm just starting, wish me luck, and thank you

  54. Missing


  55. Missing

    Thank you so much!!!

  56. Missing

    u pipo rockkkk!

  57. Missing

    Amazing! Thank a lot

  58. 2010110437622

    thank you (*^__^*)

  59. Missing

    thank you

  60. Missing

    buscaba de estos >w<!!

  61. Missing

    i love it .......thanx

  62. Missing

    nice brushes, very useful...thanx for sharing :)

  63. wonderful brushes...thanks a lot...

  64. Missing

    veeeeeery nice brush

  65. 38232_413002409932_814819932_4240358_6499314_n

    U Rock! It's awesome

  66. u ye,..i just can say thx bro

  67. Missing

    i like this brush, thank u so muck ! :X

  68. Missing

    thank you very much!

  69. Herbstava

    thank you!

  70. Kcitron

    This is real good

  71. Eid3

    very nice fnx

  72. Missing

    thank you so much.great usage in design

  73. thank you

  74. Missing

    very nice ...

  75. Missing

    nice brush i need more that

  76. Capture

    great ~!!

  77. Missing

    thank you :)

  78. Missing

    is this for CS5 only???
    how about older versions???

  79. Missing


  80. Uchiha_madara_by_kunalprabhu

    I will make a very good use of it!!!

  81. Missing

    thx. Definetly would be useful.

  82. Missing

    They are so awesome! Absolutely gorgeous!!

  83. Aggie782

    thank you .

  84. Missing

    Thrilled to find discover these also work on The GIMP! Thanks so much!

  85. Missing

    hi there, just had a play around with these brushes and they are amazing! i can create better designs now rather than using the basic preset brushes.

  86. Missing

    thanks it creative

  87. Missing

    it's beautiful ^^

  88. Ari


  89. Missing


  90. Missing

    They look awesome! Thank you!

  91. Etsy_garden_avatar

    Can't wait to see what I can do with these. Thanks.

  92. Logo_gans


  93. Myavatar

    i just love these brushes you make.Good job and thank you for making them

  94. Missing


  95. Missing


  96. Nice! Lots of cool Brushes!

  97. Missing

    Thks u :X

  98. Missing

    thnkx man !!!

  99. Missing

    i love all ur pax

  100. Missing

    Brilliant Thanks :)

  101. Missing

    I vote 5 Stars ^^

  102. Missing

    very nice :P
    is there any option for thump up ? :DD

  103. Missing

    عالی بود

  104. Missing

    woow, perfect, thx

  105. Missing

    Good stuff, chears!

  106. 2012-06-17%2020.58.11

    only for cs5?

  107. 33n92jn

    they're great !

  108. Missing

    I love it