Aged Paper

Aged Paper

This is a limited demo brush set.
To download the full set please visit

Copyright: jermshaw

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Aged Paper

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  1. Excelentes pincéis! obrigado.

  2. Hey, man!
    I used your brushes in a game for Ludum Dare.
    Check it out :)

    I just wanted to thank you, your brushes are AWESOME!

  3. One of my Faves! Thank you!!

  4. Missing

    Thanks for sharing

  5. 3dme

    Used these brushes for like 5 different projects already. Super useful set

  6. 2836

    i like this idea gonna try it out thanks for sharing!!!!

  7. Missing

    thank for share it !

  8. Missing

    goooooooooooooooooooood ^_^

  9. brilliant!

  10. Thanks so much, I love these!

  11. Wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing your talent. : )

  12. 12689


  13. thanks a lot it's really cool
    and please upload the full brush set

  14. thanks you

  15. thank you

  16. Photo_on_2010-04-18_at_15.17

    Tremendous work! I like it because of the depth of layered texture.

  17. Grandmadeal

    Great brushes! Thank you. ;o)

  18. Thank you so much!

  19. Another great set ... thank you!

  20. Missing

    bellos pinceles gracias por el aporte.

  21. Missing

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

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