WG Watercolor Brushes Vol1

By wegraphics in Brushes
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Today I’m glad to share with you a watercolor brush set. The pack contains 20 high-resolution brushes (around 2000×2000 pixels), that are perfect when applied on paper textures. Anyway there are infinite ways to use this kind of brushes, so…enjoy them!

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    Thank you - lovely effects

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  10. Veeeery nice!!!!

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    Lovely job!

  12. nice job

  13. aus :)

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    Great brushes! Used them here:


  15. Beautiful! Thanks!!

  16. tnx..very nice!

  17. I use here. Thank you

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    i have downloaded file but it will not load onto ps, does not recognize file
    , anyone help please?

  19. tienen licencia ? se puede usar?

  20. Thanks a lot. I like this brush.

  21. wow awesome,, thanks for the brush...

  22. Awesome....exactly what I was looking for!! :D

  23. the best brushes ever this the 2nd time i download them

  24. thank you :)

  25. hi I love the texture and look of these brushes. They're amazing. I too used these brushes for a t-shirt design http://www.threadless.com/submission/398400/coffee_with_audrey/from,inidana-23

  26. They look beautiful!

  27. Hi, I love these brushes!! i downloaded them. :D and used them here


  28. this was VERY nice and i loved it, thanks for putting up here your awesome.

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    very helpful! :) thanks!

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    thak you..

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    Thankyou so much for your lovely brushes, and to the artists who design them.
    It makes life a joy when you know there are people out there who give of their time and creations to make life easier for pensioners with not a lot of money. Thank you so much

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    thanks !!!

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    Very nice! Thankssss!!!!

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    Thank you for your kindness, love the brushes.

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    thank u very much ^^

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    Beautiful~ Thank you~ :)

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    so beautiful ! thx !

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    i like it

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    Nice.. thank you!

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    thanks,i like it..............=>

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    thanks for the share...

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    Thanks!!! great brushes.

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    Totally Rad, Thank you!

  62. Just gorgeous ... thank you so much!

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    very good!

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    great work! thx

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    I like this.

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    Thanks, Really Cool...

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    Like it :)

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    thanks...so nice.....:-)

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    it`s so beautifull

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    amazing brushes, would it be okay if i used these in a college project? they give a great background effect and is perfect for what i need x

  76. Leo_

    Splendid Wegraphics..thanx

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    these are really amazing! Thanks so much.

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    Bellisimo, Sebastiano! Grazie tanti!! :D

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    love it

  87. great set!

  88. thanks!

  89. I agree! One of the best watercolor sets I've seen in a while.

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    Nice share bro. Thanks!

  91. Profile

    Watercolor is difficult to reproduce well. Basically, it is a bunch of overlapping stains to produce a desired image. You have captured this quite well.