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This is a big help when you need to add some mystery to your design or simply put some dirty finger marks on something :) They were created in Photoshop 7

In case you wonder - those are my own fingerprints and they are a side effect of preparing my Grunge brushes and Splatter brushes. My house was a mess and my hands was black. It would be a shame not to use that :)

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  1. amazing

  2. Headshot-impasto

    amazing brush set! Is there any way to get them in high res. for print? Just wondering, I don't have a need for it right now, but they're so awesome I wouldn't mind printing a few!

  3. 0_huh

    It's great, great stuff!
    Thank you for all the tedious work, dirty fingers etc.
    But it was definitely worth it (says the one with the clean fingers :))

  4. Fg

    nice stuff

  5. bu supermıs :) <3

  6. Cool!

  7. Very cool

  8. Love the fact that you didn't waste the opportunity!!

  9. Avatar


  10. i love it

  11. Missing

    nice stuff

  12. great stuff

  13. Epic, epic, epic! :)

  14. thx

  15. THX :)

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  17. Missing

    tht's ma fav set...

  18. thank you

  19. Bewerkt

    thank you

  20. 41758_100000968878017_415_n


  21. Missing


  22. Missing

    Thank you!!

  23. Missing


  24. Missing

    Amazingggg!!! thnk u so much,great work!!

  25. Missing

    Thanks you!!!!

  26. Missing

    Thanks you!!!!

  27. Missing

    Thanks you!!!!

  28. Missing

    нереально крутые!!!!

  29. Missing

    Thank you! ^^

  30. Missing

    Thanks a lot !!!!!!!1

  31. Missing

    Thank you

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  33. Missing

    thank you :D

  34. Missing

    yet another fantastic brush. Thank you

  35. Missing
  36. Man_holding_chinese_balls_0003

    it.s cooool

  37. Missing

    SO COOL! thanks

  38. Hanan

    i like it ,,

  39. Missing

    very nice brushes: thx!!