Extreme Lashes!

By Helenartathome in Brushes
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8 Extreme "Faux" eyelashes! I flipped them for easy usage, so 16 in Set.
Size: all about 1000px
Eyes are not included but if you want them too, feel free to download them( EyesonYou Brush Set)
FREE but please comment or fav me,
Helen Xxx

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  1. Thank you!

  2. cool thank you

  3. Snapshot_20140118

    this brush looks kinde of cool i think i have used it befor verry helpfull

  4. Missing

    super , dziękuję :)))

  5. awesome thanks!!!

  6. beauty

  7. Missing

    This brushes are fantastic!

  8. Assassin-s-creed-iii-the-assassins-32559210-960-768_kopia

    cool ;) Thx

  9. Win_ralf


  10. thx ,, so awesome.

  11. pretty cool!

  12. Using these is going to stretch my imagination. Wonderful! Thank you xxx

  13. Missing

    just brilliant, thank you.x

  14. :) pretty cool awsome TY ^_^

  15. Missing


  16. Missing

    I have been trying to find brushes just like this. Ty so much they are Awesome!

  17. Thank you Helen!!!

  18. Thank you, Helen! :)

  19. lindas!

  20. _e2_80_a9_20_20_20_20_20_20_20_20_20_20_20_cc_b5_20_20_d0_b3_d3_99_d0_bc_ce_99_d2_bf_20_e2_99_a1__cc_9c

    thank you :)

  21. Great idea!

  22. Id

    dank u wel Nachtvlinder! Xxx

  23. Bewerkt

    Very beautiful!

  24. thanks! buenísimo, muchas gracias

  25. awesoem :D

  26. Cat

    awesome. Thanks!

  27. Missing

    These are super. Thanks