Free Concrete and Cement Textures

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5 free, super high resolution concrete and cement textures.

More free and premium textures available at

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  1. thaanks :)

  2. Thanks Savittriy. :) Check out the website for more freebies like this.

  3. Great (L)

  4. Thanks sumitrajartist :) There's a lot more freebies on our website too if you're interested.

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    i love you guys u r awesome.. and thanks....../

  6. very nice, thanks a lot

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    Many thanks m8

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    thank alot, great use for these

  11. I'm glad over 500 people have downloaded this so far in only a few days!

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  13. this is cool, really cool
    my fav :)

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  15. Awesome! I'd love to see what you guys come up with using the textures.

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    Thanks alot

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    These will come in soooo handy! Thanks a lot.

  18. Of course, glad you liked the textures.

  19. Mylogo

    Thanks for sharing :)