Fractals II by hawksmont

By hawksmont in Brushes
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I've created those fractals with Apophysis and turned them into brushes for my convenience. They are very useful for me so I want to share them They were created in Photoshop 7

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  1. Kickassery! Thank U!

  2. Sara

    Thank you so much for sharing! It is really kind of you! I can't wait to use them :)

  3. 481933_339561202818962_665575814_n

    Thanks for sharing! I can't WAIT to try them out!!!

  4. how you can make this freakin cool brushes!!! XD

  5. Infernalcrest_blackred_heartgem

    Thanks so much for sharing =) much appreciated!

  6. gracias estan buenisimos, los quiero todos!

  7. Monkey_copy

    i'll try this one