Go Media Spills & Splatters

By jeff_finley in Brushes
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Version: CS3
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Spills and Splatters is a set of 7 huge 2500 pixel brushes. Most Photoshop brushes you get are low-res and cannot be used for print work. So Go Media is putting an end to that!

Comment and enjoy :)

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  1. Missing

    muito bom esse pincel recomendo!

  2. thank you..

  3. Thanks for this Spills and Splatter brushes :)

  4. 1005511651faf4e019_

    it‘s very nice,

  5. Missing

    Hello, I really like your work (thank you)and I would like to use it in my photographs so:
    - May it be used for commercial artwork?
    - Are there no credits required?
    I would really appreciate if you could answer as quickly as possible: kanervamantila@gmail.com. Thank you so much.

  6. Guah_

    nice!thx u

  7. Guah_

    nice!thx u

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  10. Bewerkt


  11. Missing

    great! Thanks much!

  12. Missing

    Very nice & Thanks

  13. Satya_style


  14. 28832_127070007320078_100000512383145_270900_3696260_n


  15. Logo-succodesign_350x350

    Thanks a lot :)
    Great brushes!

  16. Missing

    Thank you very much for these... No need to paint and scan. Regards and God bless!

  17. Missing

    love these brushes these are the types i normally use too

  18. Nb-24dec2011-byneyne_blomma

    thanks :D

  19. _


  20. Oon0_12833433_1_bsx99

    woww so good
    Thanks xD

  21. I_choose_to_reuse

    love it!

  22. Missing

    Thanks Very Much!

  23. Missing

    GEE Thanks!!!

  24. Missing

    very...goooooooooood. thank you :D

  25. looking good!

  26. Missing

    спасибо большое)))))))))))

  27. Foto0361

    Yeahh! 2500 px XD

  28. GoMedia GO!!!!

  29. Img0713b


  30. Ts3q0005

    good !!!
    I love it !!!!!!!!

  31. Lamborghini_embolado_yellow

    I like it!!! Thanks a lot

  32. Ching_in_mesh_copy

    very cool splatters, thanks.

  33. 29751_397541224014_741654014_3994298_3245866_n

    nice ;'))
    Thank you

  34. _w22

    thankS~~ ;)

  35. Al3mlaq_avatar



  36. Naruto051217emogaara7we


  37. Missing

    Gracias! Están geniales!

  38. Etsy_garden_avatar

    It's got to be christmas! so many super surprises!

  39. 00_3456

    :DThanks you saved my life

  40. Missing

    Thank you for the splatters!

  41. Missing


  42. THANK YOU.