gotta love big speakers... i know i do, so i made a brush set out of em. enjoy

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    thank you!

  2. clean it z turn up

  3. ty

  4. awesome!

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    -' MerCi

  6. awesome!!!

  7. Very good!

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    i wanted this! thanks

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    Awesome !! thank you

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    Good Work!

  12. 30061_1443791379384_1371091915_1237549_566954_n

    very good....

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    very nice

  14. Sydney_wachimwa_sydwatch

    Just hit me with mo Baseline. I want mo of this....
    This is awesome.

  15. thx............

  16. Jundesign

    thanks needed this

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  18. 706049_4428546923306_391314142_o


  19. _-small

    به دردم خورد

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    thanx nice

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  22. Missing

    Yes i have brushes cs2 cs3 and 4 and i use thats

  23. Guah_

    it nice..

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  25. can it be used in cs5 extended?

  26. Missing

    Great job! Thanx !

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  28. E


  29. Onga

    so nice

  30. __orchid_sized_4_flickr_48x32

    Thank you :D

  31. L_b77daeb6dd2c4f2b87743f384ecdcae3

    Supper Nice

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    cuz ur a dork

  33. Missing

    awesometastic great for artist posters!

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    vrey nice! tks

  35. Mhp3rd_dl_w01i


  36. Missing

    Thanks heaps I've been looking for this for a while :)

  37. 1343424588

    I like it.........

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  39. Teh_tarik

    Thanks a lot. I was looking for this....

  40. 10092010072

    i realy Love this...........

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  42. 17133_104942076199666_100000516223452_133148_8204237_n

    I like it.....thank's.......

  43. Zangief_256x256

    thanks man they look great

  44. Missing

    works for me ...haaa thanks man they look great

  45. Cloudssunshine_copy_copy

    says CS3 but it doesnt work for me?

  46. Missing

    These rock dude!


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    gracias por tu aporte muy bueno

  48. P1050056

    THANK YOU !! :D i need it for my youtube chanel

  49. Missing
  50. love u..

  51. Sing02

    Thank you

  52. Hey man I Downloaded the file but it says that i cnt open it bcas its not suported....for example it was sent as an email attachment and wasnt correctly decoded....Wat Do I Do?....Wats Dats Da Problem?????

  53. showwwwwwwww de bola esse brush

  54. Missing

    music....all the time thank

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  56. Missing

    nice i like this is cool...

  57. Img_01398

    huuuuuuh! nice brush,,, i like ittttttttttttt

  58. Dsc06375

    Great!!!! thanx man!!!

  59. 580155_88601879

    mmmmmm........... Phany

  60. Zeaakira

    beuhhhh keren ini teh,,,, gut,,, gut,,,,,,

  61. Vrctor

    its very cool

  62. Profile_pic2

    this is what I'm searching for.. thanks dude!

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  64. Zabo2


  65. 15137_1156306313599_1405972318_30364786_5607416_n

    nice, thanks

  66. nice man good peace

  67. Collage

    hell yeah- thanks!

  68. Sm_casper_homeboy

    This is Exactly what I was looking for!! I mean, wow, thanks for post and the sharing...

  69. 0401

    thanks for posting dude

  70. I like it, thank you so much!!!

  71. 1806037702

    thanx i liked them

  72. interesting my friend. i searched whole of the web to find these.

  73. 16252_101123403248669_100000530291995_28823_1106440_n

    jijay bajaj...^^

  74. Bild_2010-04-22_kl._14.35

    Beautiful :D I've looked all over the place for this :D

  75. 1--_--1

    thanx ^^

  76. Missing

    oooh pretty......... me likey... thank u

  77. 3aada86e57426585e16ec1fe3f66faa1

    waw thanx

  78. Good !!!!!

  79. Dscf4859

    very very good!!

  80. Create_thumbnail.php


  81. Otro_ava

    very useful ... thanks

  82. These look good. I'm gonna give this baby a try. Cheers!

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