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By Mutsie in Brushes
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Version: PS7 or Lower
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{Created with ADOBE Photoshop Elements 6.0}
{Size= 512×512 pix}
{Zip includes image-pack (.jpg) & .abr}
{DO NOT redistribute!!!}
{Credit creamuts/mutsie_brushes (LJ) or mutsie (DA)}
{Comment would be nice =D!!}
{Most important thing of all: ENJOY!!!}

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    Love these brushes! Thank you!

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    Thank you :3

  3. Thank you :D

  4. Tos_p2_olivia_coloured

    You're all very welcome and I'm glad you like my brushes! You can find more @my deviantART

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    Good work. thanks!

  6. Missing

    Thank you! Very nice and great job!

  7. 140520121565

    wew so cool

  8. Missing

    Great stuff, can wait to see how they look

  9. can`t wait to use them! looks great

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    Great work Thanks

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    cool man :) thanks

  12. Missing

    Thanks these are great

  13. 12

    Thanks. :D

  14. Rag_avatar

    I can't wait to use these! Thank you!

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    good !!

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    very nice. Thank you :)

  17. thx.

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    Very nice.. TY~

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    beautifullllllllll !!!!

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    Thank you so much ;D

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  24. Gallery-3285395-500x500

    It's really great!

  25. Missing

    thank you :D

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    Nice, thanx :)

  27. Missing

    I love it X)

  28. Missing

    Nice :D

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    love ıt, thanks

  30. Missing

    Thank You:-D

  31. Missing

    Thank you

  32. Missing

    wat a wonderful job! Thanks ;)

  33. Missing

    I love it!!

  34. Picture_004fhgj

    It good.
    Thank you very much. ^-^

  35. 13972995

    so cute. =D thaaanks.

  36. Wolf_women

    They r gud brushes

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  38. Cougarhead

    thanks soooo much!

  39. Missing

    THanks DUDE

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  41. 483725414

    Pretty cool. =w= You never what you can put together with the help of some brushes.

  42. Kwtupdbad76f0d8

    I like it

    Thank you ^-^

  43. Anshullogo
  44. 19337_314322229906_719879906_3342742_5736909_n

    great work exelently

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  46. Missing

    They are amazing! Thank you!

  47. F7up-357fe4df24

    i like it

  48. 3302297791_bc739ef84f

    Thanks :D

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  51. Rimaya

    Super Hot Brushes! Well.. I must say I did a good thing, that I joined Brusheezy :)