Paisley Pattern for Photoshop

By Kluke in Patterns
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Download this FREE Paisley Photoshop Pattern. Please comment and let me know what you think!

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    Mil gracias por compartir, hermoso trabajo!!!!!!

  2. thanks a lot

  3. E6d32b

    link expired.

  4. Missing

    love it ! thanx aloOot : )

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    Obrigada por compartilhar!!! Uso apenas pessoal.

  6. I will check it out, thank you!

  7. Img_20130430_123511


  8. trés beau, merci!!!

  9. Thank you so much for this pattern, loved it. We used it here, hope you like it:)

  10. lindos patterns, obrigada

  11. Image0482

    beautiful! thank you so much

  12. Oli


  13. Missing

    thx so much

  14. Missing

    love it! thanks

  15. Missing

    Thanks for sharing.excellent work.

  16. milay e

  17. Your work made me smile! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Missing

    Thank you this is very pretty, just what I was looking for.

  19. Screen_shot_2013-06-19_at_8.25.16_am

    thanks! :)

  20. Missing

    this pattern was very nice

  21. Missing

    Very nice! Would be pretty to use on an announcement for a little baby girl!

  22. Missing

    Thanks so nice!

  23. Missing

    Good job ^^ Nice pattern!

  24. Missing

    thank you so cool

  25. Missing

    Nice :D

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  28. Missing

    ¡Gracias! muy lindos diseños

  29. Missing

    Thank you!!>< I like it!!

  30. Missing

    Oh! Pretty! TY for this!

  31. Missing

    Thank you!!!!!

  32. Missing

    Very beatiful!!!!

  33. dami 6

  34. I love your design, so gorgeous...thank you for sharing :-)

  35. Missing

    Very good Job!!

  36. Cute >.<

  37. Lighting_7

    ilke it

  38. Missing


  39. i loved !

  40. Missing

    i like it very much

  41. Missing

    thank you

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  43. :) thank you!

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  45. Uqcp7uaryf9e


  46. Missing

    Adorable! The sweetest paisleys I have ever seen - thank you so much. Perfect for adult or baby...

  47. Coffee_and_converse
  48. Missing

    thank you! this is great! :):)

  49. Missing

    Very cute and whimsical works great for many pre-teen projects! Thanks!

  50. Dsc03478_1

    nice i like it

  51. Missing

    astghfr allah ^ ^

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  53. I liked very much to my own beautiful designs such as a font at the back I'd like to find a more beautiful if I may be black, it My web site address http://www.hemenilan.org How do you think would be suitable could you help me take a back fonts

  54. Missing

    WOW 예쁘네요! 따뜻한 느낌이에요.ㅎㅎ 다운로드 하겠습니다.

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  57. Missing

    Muito Bom um dos melhores Patterns

  58. Missing

    me gusta este estilo. gracias

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  60. 1262066469phpbsodi6
  61. 1440x900_hd_wallpaper_130_zixpk

    great muy bueno ! Geniale!

  62. 22-02-2010

    i like it so much ....

  63. Yaaz

    Very lovely!

  64. Morrigan

    Paisley patterns are some of my favs! Tnx!

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  69. Vanilla_kiss

    nice set thx for sharing