Free Fabric Photoshop Pattern

Free Fabric Photoshop Pattern

A set of 8 fabric patterns. Free for personal and commercial use.The PSD file is included so you can customize the colors yourself. For more free resources visit:

Free Fabric Photoshop Pattern

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    Thanks alot

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    Thankyou, this is just what i've been looking for, for my background effect.

    Thanks EEZY,
    @jaycameron Project Manager at @Code_Collective

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    thank you

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    thank you, thank you

  5. Thank you for freely sharing these lovely patterns.

  6. Headshot-impasto

    These are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I checked your website it's amazing as well! I've added your Facebook page so I can keep tabs on you! You rock!

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    i need free fabric stayl.i dont have cridet card

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    thanks. these patterns are awesome!

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    nice <<~

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    thank's... it's very nice

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    like IT
    TNX alOOt

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    You're welcome

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    Very nice.

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    You saved my day! Been looking for this for a long time. Thanks so much!

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    Sought for a long time

  18. Thank you!

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    Simply Beautiful~ TY!