131 Custom Photoshop Shapes

By creativele in Shapes
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Version: CS3
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It’s a custom shapes pack for Adobe Photoshop that contains different shapes from abstract ones to even some default Photoshop ones that I use on my daily work basis.

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  1. so cool.Thank you!

  2. Image0482

    how kind of u to share these! thanks a lot

  3. i like this

  4. lovely cool

  5. Me

    Thanxs am enjoy the differ-ency:-D

  6. fulfill my desires :)

  7. Zerograv

    Awesome indeed
    You are truly gifted

  8. very nice

  9. Wedray_profile_2013

    I love these brushes, it wouldn't allow me to download them.

  10. Red_19_


  11. Missing

    Awesome stuff m8, cheers!

  12. Missing

    this shapes are great

  13. Yeah... So much shapes to try ^^
    Thank u!

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    thanks..... :D

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  17. Meeeeeeeeee

    thankz xx

  18. Missing

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee! thanx

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    thanks bro...

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    Thank you!

  22. Missing

    its nice

  23. Kuo

    thankz ^_^

  24. Missing

    Fuck You

  25. Red_19_
  26. Eve_brush_easy

    They're lovely I can't wait to be able to create things like this

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  28. Augen1

    nice items

  29. K0703008
  30. Missing

    Nice!! X3

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  34. 29gexao

    exelent tanks

  35. Missing

    Thanks. I hope you enjoy them.

  36. Very nice! Thanks for sharing :)