Spirograph Punctum II

By Pixor in Shapes
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Version: PS7 or Lower
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Have fun People

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  1. Thank you! It looks very cool ;D

  2. Tommy_201307

    Thank you. That is what I looking for in the last couple years.

  3. Pixor_logo

    Thank you out there you rock, PotatoshopPaul it is what it is thank to illustrator man.

  4. Rainbow_me_icon_for_npr1

    I have something like it in a brush set. How did you make these much more intricate spirograph shapes?

  5. My-vizit


  6. 012sq

    Thank you so much for these, they are great.

  7. Missing

    thank you>>I will have fun with these... great stuff!

  8. P

    very thenkful

  9. Missing

    Loved my Spirograph. Great to have these. TY!