1,000 Custom Business Card Giveaway! Print your own with UPrinting.com!

Uprinting ***WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!*** Welp, the day has come! Drum roll, please.... and the four winners of 250 business cards each are... samsdigitalia mohikan8 dcescott tedZilla99 Congrats, all of you! You'll be receiving an email shortly, so please respond ASAP. If you do not respond quickly, we'll have to choose another winner. Congratulations!!! Who needs a new sky high stack of business cards? Oh, you do? Well you're in luck. UPrinting.com has come to the rescue and is teaming up with Brusheezy to give you all a chance to win 1,000 free custom printed business cards! UPrinting.com is a pretty sweet online printing company that has lots of eco-friendly printing options, and even free templates for UPrinting business cards, so be sure to check out their site!

The Loot:

Four lucky winners will receive a whopping 250 custom die cut business cards printed and shipped to your door for FREE! Cards will be printed on 14pt Cardstock Gloss / Matte / High Gloss (UV), or 13pt Cardstock Uncoated, your choice! **must be US resident to win**

The Ways to Enter:

1. Comment on this blog post! Simple as pie. 2. Retweet this blog post to enter a second time. Get the word out! 3. Add us to your RSS feed so you can keep an eye out for our next awesome giveaway. That should do it! Enter all three ways if you'd like to boost your chances. We'll announce the winner on Friday, December 30th. Good luck to all!

About the Sponsor

UPrinting is an online printing company with socially and environmentally responsible business practices. Check out UPrinting at UPrinting.com!


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    uprinting.com is reputable name in the field of <a href="http://www.plasticcardmonster.com">plastic cards printing</a> known for quality products on affordable prices.....

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    So winning these cards would seem like a grate idea. What would I do with free cards? What NOT do with the free cards? Seriously, die cut cards are very experience in my area and they always help a designer's logo with an a extra boost towards its presentation.

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    I would love to win this, because I can finally get my cards updated and start my freelancing job. This would be a great Christmas gift to me!

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    Gimme! Gimme!!!! Gimme!!!!!

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    nice cards!

  6. Cartoon_me_square_213x213

    1) These are perfect for my new business card set. I don't have a business that does dye cut cards around my city.

    2) Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jaycameron/status/149938283995086848

    3) Added to Newsletter & RSS (jayismske-gmail)

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    Custom die-cut cards would be like finding a present everytime I reached into my pocket to hand them out—not to mention the band aids it would save from attempting DIY versions with my exacto : )

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    What a wonderful giveaway! Beautiful cards ... would so much like to call them mine!

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    Nice cards. love to win!

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    yayy free business cards!!! i wand i wand

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    Free die cut business cards from UPrinting.com...feels like an awesome holiday gift! Unexpected, beautiful (have you seen their work? awefome!)...yep, feels like Santa Claus knew what I needed!

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    Wow could I use some new cards!

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    Die Cut cards would leave a very professional impression. What a great prize this would be!

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    consistently awesome resources

  15. 000

    Greetings from China, merry Christmas!

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    The coolest thing about a set of custom printed card is that they're custom-made to your style. Like mixing various sodas in a cup.

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    I've actually used U Printing before and was really happy with the quality and fast shipping!

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    Merry Christmas. UPrinting is the new Santa Claus.

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    250 die cut business cards would be awesome!!

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    I like it! :D

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    Yes please :-)

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    Thank you for all your great tips and your amazing site. I love everything! Hope to win this cards XXX. Merry Christmas from Norway!

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    There are really some amazing cards

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    Wow that is priceless! So excited about this!!!

  25. Great prizes! :D

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    What an awesome give away! I need new cards soooo bad, mine have 2010 calander on the back and the die cuts are devine... Pickme, Pickme, Pickme

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    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great giveaway. Luck to everyone!

  28. Profilepic

    Great looking cards! Die cuts really make them stand out.

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    We wish you a Merry Christmas
    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Brusheezy New Year!
    Merry Christmas to the team at Brusheezy!
    Thank you for all the creative inspiration you send our way!

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    Brusheezy is my one-spot shop for PSD brushes and patterns. Highly recommended for all artists and designers. Sho'nuff.

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    Would love free cards for one of my clients!!!

  32. Profile

    Uhh, pretty sweet cards there. I'd love 'em! Almost as much as pie. Mmmmm pie.

  33. Shrooms-color-rgb

    I can always use new cards to help promote my design business & free ones help keep my costs down!

    Thanx Brusheezy & Happy Holidays!

  34. Missing

    I love Brusheezy! As a graphic designer I use it constantly.

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    Just the motivation I need to make a new design...and die cut just sounds awesome!

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    The old ones are running out. Time for a new look!

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    these look absolutely beautiful and I can see why they would increase business for the customer who uses them to hand out. Awesome job UPrinting!

  38. Socially and environmentally responsible? That's GREAT! With so many online printing companies, it's fantastic to find one that cares about a) what they do and b) the community they do it for!

  39. Missing

    Die-cut, now that would be novel...

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    I could use some new cards...

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    What a great giveaway! Always need business cards!

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    What perfect timing. My New Year's resolution is actually to have my own business cards!

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    new cards would be great! plus I love uprinting- they have great prices and quality items!

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    It's time for new cards!

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    These cards look great!

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    I am just about to order some so this would be a fantastic surprise.

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    This would be really nice to have!

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    Could use a new business card. Thanks!

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    Rounded corners and different edges really makes business cards stand out, cool!

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    Just started a home business. These cards would be a huge help! :D
    Thank you!

  51. 267995

    I really need some new cards and these are awesome!

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    Would love some free business cards. Been wanting to get some printed for awhile now, & this would be the perfect opportunity!

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    Could definitely use these to get my design business off the ground.

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    I need it!

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    Definitely excited about this! What an impact die-cut business cards make on customers - GREAT first impressions! Good luck to all!

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    Free business cards?! Merry Christmas!! :)

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    WOOOT gotta love free! If i had those business cards *shaking fist angrily* THERE WOULD BE FIRE!....BLAKFYR TO BE EXACT!

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    That's very great ,, i wish be the winner ,,, i love this site it's too perfect ,, i wish luck for every one here ..

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    You know what I would do with 250 custom cards? I would use double-sided tape and place them on the shopping carts of my local stores. Spread the love and $$$$ :) Everyone and their mother know I could use them. Hehehehe!

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    what an awesome giveaway! Need those cards so bad and who better to do them than Uprinting! Tweeted, subscribed posted and shared!

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    Tweeted!! Subscribed!!

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    That would be great! I've used and LOVED this cite for a long time now and it just keeps getting better!

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    I would be lost without BRUSHEEZY and VECTEEZY!!!