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I started digital art in 1993 or so and learned how to use photoshop 2.0 on my own , it took some time to say the least and i am still learning daily .I now use Pse 9 because of limited funds but i can do most of the same things and get great results ,even compared to CS users . I have always had an interest in Photography and have finally purchased a decent camera so look out ! I learned how to make photoshop brushes but have been limited by my cheap cameras low resolution . I have visited this site for 3 years and now that have the means , i plan on producing some nice ,and hopefully ,sought after brushes to help your creative juices flow . stay tuned to see my work . will be creating nice photos to use as backgrounds also .

  • Hawk-brush-sample
    Hawk Brush Sample
  • Leaf-brushes
    Leaf Brushes
  • Ies-spot-light-brushes
    IES Spot Light Brushes
  • 300x220
    Watercolor Splatters
  • 300x220
    Dried Blood Splatters
  • __s_p_l_a_t___s_e_t___by_for_certain
    Splatter brushes