clark burd

I live in central Florida. I have loved photography since Dad gave me a cheap 120 camera when I was 12 years old, later at 17 I bought a Nikon F-2 that was stolen when I was24. replaced it with a olympus, I shot weddings and portraits for people to buy more stuff. I changed to digital in '07, I became disabled in '06 but I do what I can for extra money, I am learning photoshop and loving it. most people don't want thier pics. on the web so only a few on my site at printroom. I also love my friends at mostphotos.com and devientart.com... cbimages.mostphotos.com and clarks images.deviantart.com. I use canon 5d mkII and a rebel xti, olympus 600E studio strobes and other toys. So much talent here I already love it. Regards & Respects ; Clark

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