Henrique Azevedo

Henrique Antonio de Barros e Azevedo, Brazilian, graduate civil engineer is a self-taught artist that, by the mid-1960s, started investigating artistic possibilities in visual arts, developing numerous studies and taking part at many collective art exhibitions, among them:

1 XVI National Modern Art Salon, Rio de Janeiro - 1967 - Drawing;

2 Brazilian Association of Photographic Art – 1964 - Photography;

3 XVII National Modern Art Salon, Rio de Janeiro - 1968 - Woodcuts;

4 II Bahia Bienal - 1968 - Woodcuts;

5 New York Museum of Modern Art - 1968 - Woodcuts – with other Brazilian artists;

6 Summer Salon – Museum of Modern Art (MAM), Rio de Janeiro -1969 – Woodcuts;

From 1970 on and for many reasons, he abandoned the circuitry of national expositions.

In 2002, he started experimenting with digital art. Since then, he’s been working on an experimental basis, developing works that go through several ways of expression which he would like to have the opportunity to demonstrate in this site.

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