Mark Macalalad

I'm tired of these sections O_O

I'll make it short , then.

My name is Kun (call me that from now on, majority of my friends call me that way, and not my real name XD).
I am 15.
A guy.
An otaku.
A Photoshop freak.
A Ragnarok Online private server game designer (spriter)
A Grand Chase player
A Tales Runner player
An Osu player
An O2Mania player
An O2Mania song programmer
Loves doing digi-art
Loves drawing = )
Has a Gaia Online account ( Kyouchi-sempai )
Is not an emo.
Loves J-POP
Loves J-ROCK
Loves Alternative Rock
Loves Screamos = )
A Youtuber


I guess that's it for my info. Ask me if you wanna know more = )



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