Alex Navarro

I'm optimistic, outgoing, and mad. We're all mad. I'm mad. You're mad. You must be mad or else you wouldn't have come here. Yes that's from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. One of my favorite books. Don't really like to read much but that is a fun book to read. I mostly like to watch movies. I'm a movie freak. My top 3 are Donnie Darko, School of Rock, and Lord of the Rings (all of them). There are so many to name but all just mention those. Anyways...I love to use Photoshop. In fact I have an Associates Degree in Visual Communication. Well, I will very soon. I'm graduating from ITT Tech next month.
When I'm not being image creative, I like to listen to music and play music on guitar. I like all kinds of music: Rock, Hard Rock, Mellow Rock, Folk Music, Dance, Techno, Classical, Classic Rock, Experimental, Punk, Pop, and absolutely NO COUNTRY!

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