mahcoi cubz

Im a soldier! who told you one day, Hey...We shall see the sun and Celebrate the day, the DAY we shall all we.! come..


Ei. Yo, tHe sHOe's Cant sHine fOrever..
nOt aS LOnG aS im HerE, aND wEre nEver GOnna sHinE tOGetHer..
aLway's aND fOrevEr, BuSiness BefOre pLeaSure..
mAHCOi aND His PF'crew, wHo yOu knOw it Better..
yEaH riGht, nO mAtter wHat wE Stay tiGHt..
sO wHen yOu ReaD sOmetHinG, mAke Sure yOu reaD riGHt..
DOn't mAke aN aSs Outta yOurseLf, By aSsumin..
yOur maG'z kEEp'z mE snOozin, wHat Are yOu prOven..
yOu knOw im 10 level's aBOve yOu fuCker'z..
Hate mE fuCker'z, i'mA mAke yOu LOve mE fuCker'z..
taLkin Crazy,a'iNt GOnna Get mE cHokeD..
aND tHat jEaLOusy iS OnLy GOnna LeAve yOu BrOkeD..
sO tHe Only tHinG Left nOw, anOtHer LOss fOr thEse cat'z..
aND EveryBOdy knOw's, i Came tO harD aND im tO Smart fOr tHese Brat'z..
i'ma wiN Cause i just waNt tO Be at tHe tOp Of mY Game..
wHiLe maki'n uP faCt's i'll Be raCkin anD kiCkin..
anD mAkin sOme mutHafuCkinG traCk's..
DoG i stAy arOunD trEEs Like x-mas Gift's..
YeaH yOu raPPin anD Dancin..
Like im SinGinG tHe nAtiOnaL aNtHem..
i'll Be BlOwin, iN mAnsiOn's iN tHe snOw iN tHe HamptOn's..
if i Don't fuCk mOnDay, im Gonna Hit it tuesDay..
But everytHing in Army fatiGues A'int a sOuLjaH..
iN my uPBrinGin wE wOre tHe Same sOck's
anD Put BuCket's iN tHe Living rOom
tO CatCh tHe raiNDrOp'z..

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