Karin Lisette

HiY'aLL CG addicts! I'm a Bipolar riding a roller coaster of mood swings, so.. consider Urself warned! LOL :-P but, don't WoRRy, I don't usually go monkey crazy or manic on first encounters :-) cos for the past decade, I've been idle from those peaked episodes, and, just so I make myself clear, my nick didn't come from a B rated low budget PoRn FLiCk! hahaha! Cos really, I'd rather watch HoRRoR! The more twisted & bloody the better!
I don't have a lot of gal pals (not that I hate my own gender, but I think my genes got a bit mixed up during birth), but feel free to add me whoever U R :-) especially if you've got a unique taste for art, or can't live without rebellious music.
I'm a freelance photographer, graphic designer & make-up artist, and perhaps a stylist wannabe?
For those who wants to see more pics, go to: (U don't have 2 sign up)

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