Chevron Pattern

By bexxie in Patterns
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One Photoshop chevron pattern. It's white and transparent zig zags allow you to layer it with any color you wish! Enjoy this chevron pattern!

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  1. This is perfect! thank you so much!

  2. Missing

    thank you very much!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing...

  4. Missing

    so cute, Thanks.

  5. There is no Chinese?

  6. Oli


  7. Am I missing something here? How do you get the transparent part to work? When I try to layer it, nothing happens.... I try to select parts to color them and when I click on it with the magic wand, it selects the whole layer. Any help at all would be great. Thanks.

  8. Kitty%20smiles

    Awesome!! Ty for the share : ) I just love how I can layer them with any color ~ ty for making them that way!!

  9. 561083_399437733446765_46498055_n

    شكرآ جزيلا ^^

  10. Missing


  11. This is really awesome, I am really loving this. How do you feel about using this for commercial use in my etsy shop?

  12. wk

    Nice! Thanks!

  13. Missing

    Lovely. Thanks!

  14. 29xisn6

    like it >>> thanks

  15. Missing


  16. I think it's cool, good job!

  17. Missing

    Thanks :D