Free Eco-Friendly Business Card Giveaway!

Businesscardheader ***UPDATE | WINNER ANNOUNCED!***

We Have A Winner!!!

Ahem, drum roll, please... We have a winner for the 1,000 FREE business cards, and the winner is.... Lucky Comment Number 7! "Hello! I am a recent graduate in Graphic Design, which means I've got bills to pay! So these business cards would help me get my name out there and get me a job! Cuz I'm tired of printing my business cards on 11x17 and cutting them each out individually! So help my tired little hands...please!" Liusy, you are our winner! Congratulations! We'll be in touch to get started on getting those free cards to ya. Congrats! ***THE END*** Announcing the very first ever Free Business Card Giveaway! If you liked our last giveaway with Free Brusheezy T-Shirts, or our giveaways on our Facebook Fanpage, you will love this next one! knows how important business cards to helping you promote yourself and the work you do, so they are generously giving away 1000 (yep, you heard correctly - one thousand!!) Ultra Thick 24 Point business cards shipped right to your door. They sent us some samples and these things are sweeeeet! This contest is open to anyone! Anywhere! JukeBoxPrint will gladly ship internationally so this contest is open to everyone.

The Prize:

The one lucky winner will get 1000 ultra thick printed business cards - the most prestigious business cards around. Learn more about them over at!

Two Ways to Win:

1. Leave a comment on this blog post and tell us something interesting about the kind of work you do - are you a student? Small business owner? Freelance designer? And the big question: how will these business cards help you and your business? If your comment is only "Thanks!", etc., we won't pick you. We like following the rules around here, at least the ones we make. 2. Retweet this post to all your Twitter followers! Let's get the word out!

The Details:

We will select the winner randomly and notify you of your prize on September 28, 2010, so have your design ready to give to JukeBoxPrint before then. You will also be notified about how to submit your design and address to them as well. *No entries accepted after Sept. 27.* More notes on these cards: they are printed on a eco friendly 92 brightness SFI® certified stock card. You can even get metallic 877 silver printed on both sides! Yay for silvery goodness. Good luck!

About the Sponsor is a Vancouver based printing company whose mission is to offer the cheapest rates for the thickest full-colour custom printed products for today's small businesses. Their goal is to always deliver high-quality print-jobs at unbeatable low prices that were previously unachievable. Check 'em out!


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    It's a nice offer by Jukebox print. Thank you for conducting this offer with us. Business cards are the important tool every one need's in their competitive business world.

    Thank you

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    Awesome! Thanks much!

  8. Eal_vomitting_blood2

    Hi there..
    I`m a student of a vocational school..
    I still live with my parents. They still take care of me,
    And about the money, they still give me money before i go to school everyday, while I have brother and sister who still receiving knowledge from their school.
    So, I`m sure that the business card will help me get a job, and i can live with the money i make..
    So i will not hang my life to my parents. Or maybe I can help my parents with the money i make....
    Thanks before....

  9. Missing

    i hope to get one

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  11., for web design and web development.

  12. I love your website, always use it!!!! great stuff... Thank you very much.

  13. ?height=50&width=50

    Hallo, I would love it if i could change the minds of people who believe that designing will get you now were, i am a full time graphic design student but currently studying media technology in another country. I would love if i could win those cards, it would be a blessing in my life to go back home and start life on something that i see happening.....

  14. Deep_in_thought2

    Hey, I'm a small time freelance graphics designer looking to make it big, I've only just started and i focus mainly on Graphic and Web design although that is just scratching the surface of my skill threshold. May I please have those 1000 biz Cards....

  15. Missing

    I am wisher of those 1000 free business cards.....give them to mee......

  16. ?height=50&width=50

    all of the brushes are awesome!!!

  17. Missing

    hi, so like the brushes here, i made completely nice photo,

  18. Marcio2


  19. Missing

    gracias por compartir este material

  20. 60138_159040547455981_100000501114341_461900_5192239_n

    this is so exciting ......good luck to all.....

  21. Y

    I'm a college student in Architecture department...Started my own business in my city Alexandria with my tow brothers, Firstly we rented an apartment and we to start during studying in business development, we didn't have much money so we decided to use the human resources as our capital investment so we picked every talented friend of us and made a small projects to get money with minimum costs so we started in advertising field, graphic design, engineering design, and software programing...etc. we didn't spend the income money on our needs we used it in taking some courses in human development, engineering design(Autocad-3dmax-**Rivit),graphic(Photshop-illistrator-Indesign-Coral),,after that we used these software to develop our business and i used in my projects in college ........and now i participating in RIBA competition in Architecture, my project will be new, creative, eco(save energy-friend of our environment),using waves energy and smart materials.Although i'm 25 i delayed in college 2 years because of a terrible accident 3 of my friends died on it but i came back to college challenging my griefs and wounds..and i give every project i do to their souls.
    (**RIVIT: i advice all my arch. colleagues to work with the most advanced technology (B.I.M: Building Information Modeling)
    I promise if i won the price i'll send all my new projects to my friends worldwide in advertising and architecture.

  22. Missing

    I am a full time college student that moved 18 hours away from home. As a portrait photographer and graphic designer, it is hard finding work in a new area of the country. If I won this prize, it would mean so much, not only to myself, but to my business. Getting the word spread about who I am, and what I do, is everything. These business cards would be ever so helpful. :) Thanks!

  23. ?height=50&width=50

    انا رح نفووووز ههههههههههههه

  24. Meeee

    i don't think i will win this price. but cool Prize good luck guys......... ☺

  25. What a cool prize. I am a small town studio photographer. Times are tough for small studios. I could really use new business cards to promote my business. JukeBoxPrint has some amazing looking work. I would love to win this prize.

  26. Missing

    JUST looking in to business cards! the good ones are so expensive. i am a student photographer/photo editer/graphic designer. i need this!! bad!!!

  27. Missing

    I'm an Art Director for a major food producer. I could sure use some business cards to help promote my freelance work, and make myself more independent. And how!

  28. 0001054vmk4

    I am a current student but also a graphics designer that's why i need it.

  29. Missing

    I just started looking at business card designs yesterday. Currently I'm a Computer Science student at Full Sail University and I work full time as a web developer for a local mortgage company but I am truly inspired to start my own web marketing company. These would be perfect to begin my career with!

  30. Missing

    I would love to win these. I just started an Etsy shop, blog & facebook page for Sinfully Crafty, my brand of paper crafts & invitations. With new cards I can get the word out instyle!

  31. Icon_128

    I am a current student in Manchester,NH who is going for a major in Graphic Design. These Business Cards will help me to get my name out to perspective clients.

  32. I am a student and freelance designer from India, I am going to start full-time freelancing in next coming months. I will use these cards to promote myself.

  33. i WANT it!

    Please :)

  34. ?height=50&width=50

    I'm a Nature Photographer and always giving out business cards. Business cards really help me out a lot and get me freelance business. Besides nature I do pet portraits and parties. I have an event coming up that I am a part of that is a fundraiser for the Woodlands Wildlife Refuge in NJ. 100% of the profit will go to the refuge that helps 800-1000 of New Jersey's injured & orphaned wildlife annually. I will need business cards for this event as my supply is low. This is the first I have heard of JukeBoxPrint and would love business cards from them to give at the event.

  35. 150x150

    Genevish Graphics of Jacksonville NC provides affordable graphic design for print and web design to individuals and small businesses across the world. Owner and graphic designer Emily Genevish specializes in custom visual identities for small business; from custom logo design to web design. I offer an assortment of affordable design packages to meet the design goals of your business.

    I would love some premium business cards to have my design on. I have some now, but the ones you are offering are way better quality (and green is always a plus in my book!) and will leave a better and lasting impression on my potential clients!

  36. Missing

    I am a student studying dental assisting and I usually attend exhibitions and everytime I need to speak about myself to the exhibitors and promoters there and they always ask for a business card to reach me afterwards and exchange information regarding the dentistry field and it's really embarrassing for me for not having one. I believe that having a business card is not a merely information card, it's gives the bearer a special kind of charisma and dignity and to be honest some people judge about other business card holders and their capability by their business card appearance and material.

    I wish to obtain the business cards to give myself a boost to start my career when I graduate and sit for the interviews more confidently!


  37. Missing

    I'm a graphic designer, just recently graduated and trying to land myself a job and I think promoting yourself to companies via portfolio sampler mailers & business cards would be a good start to gain some exposure in the industry. I'm also trying to start a wedding photography business with my friend on the side and this business card giveaway would truly be a great help to start us up! Thanks for the opportunity =)

  38. Missing

    I am a full time student, and my friend and I started our own house cleaning business! We stick to eco-safe cleaning products and supplies. These would help up get the word out and get the customers we need!

  39. wow this sounds amazing!! Love the idea of gettign some new cards done, Im a photographer from New Zealand, and definately need to do another card as we are moving and all my details are changing, and the card Im using is just a stock photo.... not even my own shame on me.
    Please pick me :)

  40. ?height=50&width=50

    I own a small printing business in Northern California, and I love JukeBox! I am trying to migrate all of my products to eco-friendly solutions. Having my own business card on this paper would be the perfect way to show my customers why they need to buy eco-friendly 24pt stock, because you can have super thick stock and still be friendly to the environment! Plus, brokering to JukeBox is a no brainer when they make the purchase!

  41. Missing

    I'm a freelance designer and was looking to find an eco-friendly printing company to produce my next set of business cards. This is perfect!

  42. Missing

    Hello! I am a recent graduate in Graphic Design, which means I've got bills to pay! So these business cards would help me get my name out there and get me a job! Cuz I'm tired of printing my business cards on 11x17 and cutting them each out individually! So help my tired little hands...please!

  43. ?height=50&width=50

    I am a student and currently working as a Redcoat in Butlins Minehead. Although I love the work on the side I do a lot of graphic design. Every since studying media during my GCSE's and A Levels I have developed an ever growing love for photoshop and making posters, business cards, invites and general edits for hilarity! I would love to have my graphic design 'enterprise' as my primary income and not just something that I do when I can. These business cards would help me to spread the word, and gain a widespread interest in my work, bringing me the customers I need!

    Please choose me guys, and thanks for the opportunity :)

  44. Missing

    My friend and i are starting up a Zumba (latin-inspired dance fitness class) business, and we sure could benefit from 1000 free business cards! If you haven't seen the logo for Zumba, check it out--it's a little dancing guy graphic. Zumba uses bright colors like green, pink, orange, etc., so we would incorporate those in the card as well. Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. Missing

    I'm currently studying graphic design at Norways School of Creative Studies. I'm trying to start a Young Enterprise, which would give me a taste of what the business is like outside of school, but it's not easy on my limited budget. A thousand business cards would go a long way. What a great offer, way to go Brusheezy!
    - Kristoffer L.

  46. Missing

    I've been looking for the ideal way to design a business card for Jan Baumgartner Photography that makes me feel confident when I put it into a client's hand. My card must not only look sharp, but it must convey durability and permanance through its materials. A card with weight says to a client, "I am here for you, not just now—but for the long term—you can depend on me to back up my products and services." If I could afford to re-do my business cards right now, JukeBoxPrint's 24 pt. is exactly what I'd go for! :)

  47. Missing

    I currently teach (photoshop/photography/illustrator/webdesign) parttime. I work full time as a web designer. I have my own freelance business, as well.

    Cards are a great way for me to network and win free lunches at Chipotle (I have won several for my department), Potbellies and other fine eating establishments in the midwest.

  48. Missing

    I am currently in school but I am one of very few designers in my part of the state. There are very few designers and a lot of potential clients that could grow their business with my help. Also, 1000 cards on a college students budget probably won't happen in the near future.

    -Will H