Advanced Photoshop Brush Techniques Video Tutorial by Axeraider70

Xavier Durand-Hollis Jr. aka Axraider70 is one of the most popular members of the Brusheezy community. The advanced techniques he uses to create his brushes are some of the most sought after within the community and judging by the comments on his profile, there is clearly a lot of interest. His brushes alone are approaching close to 3 million downloads and he is the second most popular member of our community out of over 375k user accounts. His brush sets have also been featured in multiple print publications such as Photoshop Creative Magazine and Advanced Photoshop Magazine. Today we're excited to share with you a video tutorial where Xavier shows us the techniques he used to created some of his most stunning brush sets! The video is over 18 minutes long so go grab a cup of coffee and sit back and relax. It will be time well spent if you're interested in learning how to expand your skill set with these awesome effects. You can view more of Xaviers work at his DeviantArt page or at his website Additional Resources: Glow Tutorial Link to Ultimate Pack 5 CS3 Photoshop Brushes

About the author

Hi! My name is Shawn Rubel and started Eezy Inc. a few years ago. What started as a hobby has now turned into a full time job and I absolutely love what I do :) You can catch me on twitter or just leave me a message below!


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    I had a big phase of making brushes,and i really enjoyed it.
    The most difficult one was a Sunset brush. I spent some time trying to make this,but in the end i gave up. The most difficult part was using the eraser tool to keep making the light fade down from the Sun. I do more or less the same has his video showed.

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    Hi, i love Brusheezy! I have been doing graphic design as a hobbies for many years and just recently decided to dive in Photoshop. I used
    Coreal and Jasic Paint Shop before, but I am self taught and sometimes they can seem so difficult. So far I've been creating and using Photoshop everyday to learn all I can and I've made so many patterns/styles/brushes....this program is so addicting! I am hoping to make design a career one day and I am always searching for all things design online and came across Brusheezy and love it. Thanks for all you share!

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    Thumbs up! Thank you so much for this tuts!

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    thanks, nice and easy

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    thanks for share. i want to learn more and more about photoshop.

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    The best wishes for U for that tuttorial, explained very clearly ... with lovely voice :)

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    Excellent tutorial! Thank you.

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  13. Photo_with_bow

    I loved the video! Really easy to understand and I learned some great new techniques. I haven't tried to make my own brushes yet, but after watching your vid I feel it is easier than I thought. Xavier, you rock!

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    OK thank"s for sharing, that's use full for me

  15. Mikki

    Awesome. Thank you so much. I'm waiting for Photoshop to finish loading right now.
    Comets of death rule!
    Again, Thank you for this information and... I promise not to use this information for evil.

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    Thank you SO much for sharing this information. Amazing.

  17. Actually Axeraider70 created the tutorial. Sorry for any confusion!

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    Great tutorial! I learned a lot. However, my fav part is when you said, "I love comets of death". That was funny. Anyhow, keep up the good work. I am off to make some brushes now.

  19. Me-new-photo

    Hi Shawn just watched your Tut and Wow, You created a stunning brush set and I cannot believe how simple you made it look. Excellent work and you have inspired me to go play. I have a fear of clicking on the unknown and being relatively new to designing you have given me a new confidence. Thankyou Sooooooo Much!!
    Wendy xxx

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    Okey, genial

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    Amazing! This tutorial was so much fun to watch. VERY different that any technique I've seen. Thanks a lot for letting me look over your shoulder! Hope you make more!

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    you just changed my life

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    Nice job with the brushes, also great tip!

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    Superb work .... Thx..

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    Great tut!

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    Awesome Thanks for sharing

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    thank you

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    This is great!

  33. nice.

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    Great job Axeraider! Very informative!