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Stickermule **** Update!!! New winner announced!! And the winners of the Stickermule giveaway are...... (drumroll, please....) bobbydues His_Girl MainlySports Congrats to you three!! We'll be contacting you, so check your email to claim your prize! **** Sticker Mule is a custom sticker printer with a whole lot of love for graphic designers. They'll print your designs in full color on high quality vinyl, and die cut them to any shape. They'll even help make your artwork press ready for free and send an online proof with every order. Sticker Mule wants to say “hi” to the Brusheezy community by giving 3 lucky winners $100 in store credit. That's enough for a totally free order of stickery goodness!

To Enter:

Just comment on this post. We'll pick 3 winners at random. Double your chances of winning if you retweet this too.

Contest Ends:

July 14, 2011 at 12pm EST. BONUS!! Sticker Mule is launching a complete redesign shortly, and wants to give everyone 20% off during launch week. Just sign up here.

About the Sponsor

Sticker Mule is the easiest way to buy custom stickers & skins. We fix artwork problems for free and provide free shipping to anywhere in the US. Check out Sticker Mule at!


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    Enter, if I win I'll finally make a new brush pack.

    Spanky's Grunge v2 anyone?

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    Like OMG. I would really REALLY like to win this for my cute little nephew's band!! He wants to be a designer just like his auntie :)

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    Kickass! Wish I would have heard about you guys sooner!

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    Love it!! Can't wait!

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    Thats a great Idea Im starting a new business those stickers would come in handy!!!!

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    What a great idea.
    How is it that I didn't know you guys were out there?
    I DO live under a rock.

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    I'd love to win so enter me for the drawing and thanks much!!

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    suppppperrrr!. Thks to stickermule and brusheezy for the news!

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    I discovered Sticker Mule today from entering the contest. Thanks Brusheezy for allowing me to enter & hope I win YEAHHH!

  234. 261908_171882232877663_100001676637473_468712_3218775_n

    I could really use these stickers. Crossing my fingers that I win <3

  235. Portraits_ausschnitt_2_20prozent

    Wow! You could also pimp your shoes with them, because they're waterproof!

  236. Portraits_ausschnitt_2_20prozent

    Great sticky stuff idea! And they're removable! Lots of ways to use them.

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  238. Missing

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    What a GREAT promo for all! If I win, I will use the stickers as a promo to my start-up Graphics site!
    Thx! Starting up new- w/ no backing- and need the help.
    Woot Woot Woot!

    BTW: Brusheezy is SPECTACULAR!!!
    ( and so is StickerMule!!!)

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    excellent! goodie, goodie, goodie!! yaaay!!! ;D

  243. Really a good contest !

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    I love the sites (Vecteezy/Brusheezy), love the contest and for sure I will love to win the stickers for my new project.

    Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    awesome! i love to make stickers!

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    i love stickers bring it on . ima go sticker crazy if i win WOOOO

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    I would love to win this contest. I've had a hard time with finding the right company to print out my logo in stickers. This would be a true blessing. I hope I win. Thanks Vecteezy/Brusheezy for this great contest!!!

  253. Sdc11270

    This site rocks, I love it!

  254. Missing

    Sticker Mule works hard as a mule to get your artwork designs done right.

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    Fingers crossed!

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    I need some stickers for my logo real bad! :)

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    Love the templates. Look forward to using this site! Looks easy and affordable.

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  262. wow, I have never been to this site.... now I REALLY want to win! :0)

  263. Missing

    Didn't know about StickerMule before now. Good stuff!

  264. Missing

    I would LOVE this!!!! I'm about to graduate and this would be a GREAT way to promote my design biz! Thanks!

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  266. ?height=50&width=50

    This would be fantastic! My 1 1/2 year old granddaughter loves stickers. She would go sticker crazy with these!

  267. Missing

    I Love stickers hope to get my hands on $300

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    I would love to win, and so would my 8 year old sticker addicted nephew.

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    Stickers are cool :-)

  270. Missing

    For now we have 1,6 % of chance........for now!

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    My car would love a new sticker or two or even maybe three!

  272. Missing

    I KNOW WHAT THE DOUBLE RAINBOW MEANS!!! I need stickers to tell the world!

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    great contest!

  274. Me-contra%20soft%20resize

    I would love to win!! I have a new design that I would love to get out into the public!!!

  275. Missing

    That would be awesome! I love stickers. :)

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    If you were a tree would you let kids climb all over you, or be a mean tree and not let them on?

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    Stickers! Stickers! Give me some stickers!!! :P

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    Very nice! Oh the possibilities....
    Hope I win!!

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    hummm... what could I do with stickers... about a bajilion things!

  291. i love your stickers! :)

  292. Missing

    This would help Promote myself and my clothing line so much hope i WIN =)

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    Free stickers, heck yeah. I for one am tired of paying for custom stickers.

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    Stickers were made to stick. So stick to it! Thanks!

  305. Missing

    I am new to Sticker Mule, so winning would be stupendous!!

  306. Missing

    I just wanted to say "welcome to us StickerMule."

  307. Missing

    Lol, really cool and funny. The guy with the mic makes me smile a lot =)) . Great job

  308. Missing

    I'm not going to budge till I get my free stickers from Sticker Mule!

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    I love free stuff. Especially free design stuff. Thanks for a great contest!

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