Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud Deals

Adobe Photoshop is THE software for editing raster graphic files (the graphics found here on Brusheezy).

We wanted to give our readers insight into Adobe’s Creative Cloud and the benefits of utilizing CC for your Photoshop needs.

Adobe released their Creative Cloud in 2013 - and is now known as a “software rental.” If you’re new to Photoshop, or graphic design, Photoshop was available to purchase as a physical boxed software until 2012. Now, with Creative Cloud, you’ll pay monthly/annually for the most up-to-date digital software.

Having a Creative Cloud membership for Photoshop (or any other Adobe product, really) gives you the latest version of your selected application as well as your own portfolio page and access to premium fonts. With a membership to Photoshop on the Creative Cloud, you’ll have 20GB of cloud storage for keeping your work if you don’t have space to save it on your own hard drive.

For your convenience, you can visit the Adobe Photoshop’s site and select your plan here.


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