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Alawadhi Cars Motor Company for the sale and purchase of all kinds of vehicles and all kinds of Model and the purchase of spare cars sale Parts Cars Rental parts available for all our new and old cars rushed to order cars do not wait for more leadership Let us enjoy the journey greetings Alawadhi Cars Company ..
Thank you to communicate with us via E-mail:
We would like to inform you that there is no staff at the moment,
The system for the piece back to you through the auto-reply
Dear want your news that we have other ways to continue !!
Now, in communion with the management company, Alawadhi Cars
Directly ..You can then
communicate with the director of the company:

" Nawaf Alawadhi "

Via voice dialing in the figures below:

From outside Kuwait:

+96560008676 / +96567666089

From within Kuwait:

60008676 / 67666089

We provide communication via SMS and "Tango" "Whatsapp" or Call by "Viber" or coll Mobaile Number the following numbers:

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