Anigraphuse Persian Patterns Slimi

An exclusive set of patterns of Persian Art 'slimi' By Shahab Jasemi (AKA Anigraphuse) Do you want to create endless of your own seamless patterns easily with just basic photoshop skills? Then check this out: Ellipsis
Anigraphuse Persian Patterns Slimi

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  1. Awesommee!!! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  2. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    No, by Adult I was referring to sexual stuff.
    Feel free to use the patterns and the link is much appreciated.

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    The game is not involved with any religion or culture such as with any racism or any bad language or nudity. But if you mean "adult graphics" well its a shooting game so sometimes there is blood, tho it can be set on low violence mode. If you wanna feel free to google yourself "CS:GO" - The workshop is a place for artists to publish and share their creations and possibly get them in game if they are succesful enough (if you want to know more you can google "steam community workshop" - I am asking you if I could use your Persian pattern on few of my guns as in return I would advertise you. It would mean alot for me since the persian pattern is really fitting for some of my creations. I would for sure give you a link as I did on my one already that you can see below. Thanks alot for your answer.

  4. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    @ Xilick.
    As long as it's not used for any creation involved with anti-religion/Culture, Racism and adult graphics end-result, Sure, feel free to use them.

    P.S: Once you're done with your creation, a link back of the end-result would be appreciated on here.

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    Here is what I am talking about.

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    Anigraphuse, I would love to ask if I can use your Persian pattern on gaming contect - steam workshop creations. I would be glad if I could use it and of course I would advertise you in return on my creations.

  7. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    My pleasure. :)


    Very nice Thanx

  9. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    You're welcome. Glad that you guys have liked it.

  10. أنت مجزي به...... شكراً

  11. Die87281

    Very nice,Thanx

  12. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    Permission to ThemeForest user 'VSF'
    They Can use and contribute some of these patterns as they see fit in one of their PSD Templates 'STARTER'

    Issue Date 12/19/2013

  13. ?height=50&width=50

    Avarin ;)

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