T Nichols

I like to tweak images in photoshop. I'm tutorial hungry and love freebies, but I also know the value of a freebie, so when I have something to offer, I most certainly will.

(Recently set up shop at)

  • Hst-preview
    Hand Drawn Sciency Things
  • Ffd-creepy-crawlies_cvr
    FFD Creepy Crawlies Bug Brushes
  • Forest-leaves-brushes_cvr
    Forest Foliage
  • Marble_planet_3
    Free Marble Planet Photoshop Brushes 3
  • 18-electrifying-lightning-brush-strikes
    18 Electrifying Lightning Brush Strikes
  • 16-photorealistic-explosion-brushes
    16 Photorealistic Explosion Brushes
  • Film-light-leaks
    Film Light Leaks
  • Deco13
    Decorative Brushes 13
  • Mb-artisticset-i_th
  • Refraction_sphere_psd_by_lustigusti_thumb
    Refraction Sphere
  • Moon-brushes-by-hawksmont300
    Moon Brushes