Daenjoli Smith

Strong writing presentation interpersonal and creative skills, army vet from 1998-2001 advanced knowledge of Microsoft applications. Experienced in collaborating well with different roles and levels in any organization; Analytic and able to solve complex issues using innovative, artistic concepts and solutions. Able to prioritize and manage different tasks, and supervise and train as required, personal trainer certified, barber, Artist and graphic artist.

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  • Brick-in-the-wall-brushes-and-pattern
    Brick in the Wall brushes and pattern
  • Stone-pebble-brushes
    Stone / Pebble Brushes
  • Watercolour-flower-brushes-the-smell-of-roses
    Watercolour Flower brushes - The Smell of Roses
  • Floral-brushes-the-smell-of-roses
    Floral Brushes - The Smell of Roses
  • Free-leafy-frames-and-ornament-brushes
    Free Leafy Frames and Ornament Brushes
  • Wood-layer-styles
    Wood Layer Styles
  • Wet-n-wild-watercolorbrushes
    Wet’n'Wild WatercolorBrushes
  • 16-photoshop-blue-patterns-v-2
    16 Photoshop Blue Patterns v.2
  • Preview-chain
    Linked Chain Pattern
  • Open
    art style
  • Grunge2-pack-by-hawksmont300x200
    Grunge Pack II
  • 1171408888_thumb
    Glitter & Sparkles Brushes