Steven Snell

At Vandelay Design, our main focus is to equip creatives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs with the right tools to make their business venture a success.

We strongly feel that education is one of the main keys to success, so our blog is the heart and soul of our site. Educating you–our readers–makes what we do meaningful and worthwhile. The goal of our blog is to provide designers, photographers, UI developers, bloggers and business owners with the latest design news and trends, while also supplying them with the creative bouts of inspiration that we all need for success.

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    Desert Dust Photoshop Actions
  • 58125
    Yellow Mood Photoshop Action
  • 58126
    Autumn Sunlight Lightroom Preset
  • 58107
    Hellfire Photoshop Action
  • 58122
    Misty Blue Photoshop Action
  • 58123
    Summer Delight Photoshop Action
  • 58124
    Sunken Sunlight Photoshop Action
  • 58127
    Misty Grove Lightroom Preset
  • 58128
    Mystic Swamp Lightroom Preset
  • 58129
    Ray Valley Lightroom Preset
  • 58130
    Sunny Fields Lightroom Preset
  • 58131
    Vivid Glades Lightroom Preset

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