Simon Murray

As my user name would suggest, I am a bit of a texture freak to say the least.
I work with textures everyday either creating stuff for work or for my texture website.
I love going out to explore new cities and countries taking photos of as many different surfaces as I can find. If you happen to see some guy standing in front of a brick wall with a camera, that could quite possibly be me.
In my spare time away from textures, I love to read and practice the arts of Shaolin Kung Fu / Jeet Kune Do and play the odd computer game or three.

  • 10-seamless-mixed-stone-textures
    10 Seamless Mixed Stone Textures
  • Seamless_brick_thumb
    Seamless Modern Brick Textures
  • Seamless-plaster-textures
    8 Seamless Plaster Textures
  • Seamless_tiles_textures
    10 Seamless Ceramic Tiles Textures
  • Tileable-metal-textures-thumb
    10 Tileable Metal Textures
  • Seamless-wood-textures-thumb
    6 Seamless Wood Textures
  • Snow-ice-textures-thumb
    Seamless Snow & Ice Textures
  • Clean-concrete-textures-thumb
    Clean Concrete Textures
  • Damaged-plaster-textures-vol02-thumb
    Damaged Plaster Textures Vol.02
  • Damaged-plaster-textures-vol01-thumb
    Damaged Plaster Textures Vol.01
  • Sand-stone-textures-thumb
    Sunny Sand Stone Textures
  • Grass-green-textures-thumb
    Seamless Green Grass Textures
  • Wood-planks-textures-thumb
    Wooden Planks Textures
  • Tiny-tiles-textures-thumb
    Tiny Tiles Textures
  • Mad-metal-textures-thumb
    Mad As Metal Textures
  • Marble-madness-textures-thumb
    Marble Madness Textures

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