Free T-Shirt Giveaway!

**Update! Update! Read all about it! T-shirt Contest Winners have been selected!** Winners have been selected, so watch out for your prize! Thanks everyone for participating in this giveaway, thanks to BlueCotton, and we hope all the winners enjoy their shirts and wear them proudly! And the lucky winners are... From the comments section of the blog: design3edge from India vampfan from USA satanskid from the Philippines kremalia1 from USA, and last but not least, tobig from USA From Twitter: @StormySeaStudio from USA @ScrappinCop from USA @Shiftygraphics from the Netherlands @izarbaik from Indonesia @dubtastic from USA And, from the RSS feed: cpccgirl from USA Nate from Germany blaze_it from Indonesia Congrats to all the winners!! To everyone else, definitely stay tuned, because Brusheezy will have another great freebie or giveaway before you know it! Happy Monday everyone! Today we're announcing our first ever ("official") T-Shirt giveaway! In the past we've given away a few free T-Shirts on our Facebook Fanpage, but nothing this big. With the help of our friends from BlueCotton we're giving away these Brusheezy T-Shirts to 15 lucky winners.

The Prize:

The T-shirts are 2001 American Apparel Fine Jersey T-Shirt (4.3oz) and you can choose which color you want (black or royal blue) as well as which size you want.

Three Ways to Win:

1. Leave a comment below telling us what size and color you want (Blue or Black) 2. Tweet this contest by clicking the retweet button above in the header or copying and pasting this line into twitter. RT @brusheezy Free T-Shirt Giveaway 3. Subscribe to our RSS Feed via email.

The Details:

5 winners will be randomly selected from the comments below. Also, 5 winners will be randomly selected from twitter and 5 winners will be randomly selected from our RSS Feed. The winners will be announced here on our blog on Thursday July 1st, 2010 and will be contacted directly by our community manager Erin. If you have anymore questions please leave a comment below and we'll get back to you asap. Good luck everyone!

Bonus Update:

We're also running this same contest over on Vecteezy too! Feel free to enter over there too and increase your chances even more. Remember if you already have an Eezy ID you don't need to create another account. You can login with your Brusheezy username and password. Good luck!

About the Sponsor

BlueCotton is a provider of custom screen printed, digital printed, and embroidered t-shirts and apparel. Whether you need t-shirts for yourself, an upcoming family reunion, or a community event, BlueCotton can print you a single custom shirt or thousands with YOUR design on it. Check out for more details.


  1. Missing

    Black large

  2. ?height=50&width=50

    Blue please, and I am a medium.
    Thanks =)

  3. ?height=50&width=50

    Cool! Small blue please!

  4. Missing

    I want this shirt!!
    Damean Nichols
    7717 walker st
    Pensacola, Florida 32506
    Blue, size Large

  5. Missing

    I am curious about the shirt

    My Adress

    Name : Manonggor Situmorang
    Address : Jl. Jamin Ginting, Gang Lorong IX(Sembilan) No.6
    Padang Bulan
    City :Medan.
    Country :Indonesia.
    ZIP :20155

    Size M, Black Or Blue
    Thank You!
    I'll wait

  6. Missing

    small,black size thank you !!

  7. 163493_483692646068_571646068_5692677_7621466_n

    Medium and black ! But i have a feeling i missed this by a longshot hahaha

  8. Missing

    really like your shirts!
    My Adress
    name; Omar Shariff Bin Abdullah
    Address : Lot 29224 Kg.Paya Gunchil ,Seb.Takir.Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.
    Zip 21300
    Size XL, Black Or Blue
    Thank You! Your Proposal..I Be Waiting..

  9. 2010-11-10_233649

    Small size t-shirts

  10. 2010-11-10_233649

    Hello! I beg your pardon! I really want to get your T-shirt I really like your shirts!

    My adress:

    Street Address :Rostovskaja obl, Semikarakorskij r-on
    str.Oktjabrskaja 59
    Country - Russian Federation

    Thank you!

  11. 47285

    I want to xl size .tnx

  12. Missing

    I love this blue size small! :) thanks meganne

  13. Missing

    i love it i love it .. send it to me !!!

  14. Missing

    Really I love this T-Shirt :)

    Black, Size : L ... Morocco

  15. Bayo1

    Wow this site is great....
    Blue XXL.....Nigeria......

  16. Missing

    hahaha thats so cool

  17. Missing

    black s usa

  18. Missing

    Blue large...Malaysia. Please i really wanna have the shirt. *on my knees* tweet me @ali_freestyler

  19. Missing

    Blue Large....Nigeria

  20. Missing

    Black M.....Indonesia

  21. Img_5872

    Hi, I've recently joined brusheezy and have tried to upload a file but to no avail. The JPG that I have have tried to upload is well below 20.00 megabites because as an experiment I uploaded the file onto flickr and without any problem. The other problem is that I have given the file a name as requested but when I proceed to the next page to upload it says the file is untitled. I can't upload the file because the computers telling me that either the file is too large or that I've not given it a title? Can someone tell me where I'm going wrong?

  22. Missing

    This is great! Don't forget to check out too! Royal Blue in large please

  23. Logo

    Wow, these are all so amazing. Also visit

  24. Missing

    im' late -_ -;;
    grenn L indonesia

  25. Missing

    Blue L Malaysia

  26. Lpdp

    RoYal Blue

    For India Plz*

  27. Missing

    black XXL

  28. Missing

    Blue looks really nice. Living in London, UK...

  29. Missing

    black small

  30. Missing

    pink small...

  31. Missing

    black small :)

  32. Ku_filem_grain


  33. Scanme

    royal blue small and i live Philippines.Thanks :)

  34. Missing

    black medium plzzzzzz
    i live in london

  35. Missing

    black // small Pls

    From Russia!)

  36. Eagle

    blue > medium thanks

  37. Missing

    aku minta yang hitam // medium,harap di paketkan ke alamat PONDOK PESANTREN RAUDLATUT THOLABAH
    alamat : sragi songgon banyuwangi jatim INDONESIA
    THX :D

  38. ?height=50&width=50

    bLack // medium =D

  39. Screen_shot_2018-01-08_at_11.20.48_am

    black // small =)

  40. Missing

    Black // small

  41. ?height=50&width=50

    Black // XL

  42. Black Medium, thankz!

  43. ?height=50&width=50

    pink medium

    thats right pink....shazaam

  44. Missing

    Blue Medium

  45. Missing


  46. 7435_1182705981882_1655201162_502109_6611810_n

    black medium

  47. Foto

    black medium

  48. _

    si bravo

  49. Missing

    Black - Large

  50. Missing

    blue - MEDIUM

  51. Missing

    Black - Medium

  52. Blue/XL ;)~

  53. Missing

    black medium, very nice

  54. Missing

    black MEDIUM

  55. Blue Cotton, make mine a blue medium.

  56. Musicpirate

    black MEDIUM

  57. Missing

    Blue - Large

  58. Platn

    Black Large..
    simple colour and netral


  60. Don_t_let_me_kill

    Black Medium

  61. Missing

    black MEDIUM

  62. Platn

    Black Large

  63. Missing

    Red medium

  64. Businessman-handshake

    Black Medium

  65. Businessman-handshake

    rất tiếc. tôi không hiểu

  66. Photo6

    Blue medium

  67. Black Medium

  68. Small_dp

    Royal Blue Medium :D

  69. Epic_fail

    black small.

  70. 24098_1376917631789_1497310809_30958736_5186378_n

    black large xD

  71. Abatar

    Blue. M
    Thanks :)

  72. 20100711_019_

    black medium :D

  73. 05_oligar


  74. Missing


  75. ?height=50&width=50


  76. T10

    i love the color

  77. ?height=50&width=50

    Black !

  78. i love the color

  79. medium blue

  80. Missing

    medium blue

  81. Missing

    medium blue

  82. Missing

    medium Blue ;)
    i'm lovin i welcome blue also make me to match :)

  83. medium black.. :)
    i'm lovin it..:D

  84. Missing



  85. Missing

    Size M Blue
    luv Brusheezy (3)

  86. Danae

    Size M Black -- you guys are awesome! :)

  87. Linn2

    Size M black Thank you

  88. Hajarachmad

    Size M Black...thx

  89. Missing

    Size M Black

  90. 24812_117810748232002_100000092331417_277017_378474_n

    Size L,black..\m/(^^_)..tnx!

  91. 123456

    Size S, black :"> thaz

  92. Arn

    black, small

  93. Missing

    S Size, Blue thanks

  94. ?height=50&width=50

    Wow, It's true?
    L Size ,Black

  95. 275.bayu_l

    i like it...............

  96. L size, black, Cheers.

  97. Missing

    S Size, Blue, Thanks!!

  98. 22733_1350559565823_1286382252_1006447_4282727_n

    L Size, Black, Thanks! :))

  99. Alex

    thts awsome,
    M Size ,Black, thnx

  100. 1

    S Size, Blue, thnx

  101. Missing

    L size, blue. plz

  102. Missing

    L size, blue. Thank you, Dudes!!!

  103. Missing

    XL size, blue please

  104. Wicked

    M blue ,Thank you

  105. Hitsugaya_mini

    L Black ,Thank you...

  106. ?height=50&width=50

    M black, Thanks...

  107. M Size. Red. ThankYou :)

  108. Missing

    L size, white. thank you.

  109. Corte_devil

    L size, blue. Thank you, Dudes!!!

  110. Va_logo_final

    XL size, blue please <o_o>

  111. Missing

    small black! : ) Please, Thank yoU!

  112. Missing

    2 xl ,, black

  113. Missing

    Medium, Blue

  114. Karolis

    L size, blue with orange please ;)

  115. Rita

    Small blue, please :D
    thanks ;)

  116. Cho_kyuhyun_53_

    small blue please ^^

  117. 197072_1648674575992_1210798271_31505072_4573438_n

    Blue size "L"
    he he he he :)

  118. Meeee

    ** any any colour !!! medium :) **

  119. Photoshoptut2

    Black Small Please, Thanks!

  120. Are we talking about dicks

  121. Missing

    Black. Large. Thanks!

  122. Photo_1

    blue, extra large!

  123. Missing

    Black, Large!

  124. ?height=50&width=50

    blue, size s

  125. Missing

    size s

  126. Profile_pic

    color: black
    size: xxl

  127. E7xbtx

    Black & size M

  128. Sdfee

    ok,, i wish for Blue Color & a size of XL


  129. Tom_cruise2

    Blue & size M :-D

  130. Spawn2

    Lol is the competition over and if so why is this still open?

    System administrators please get some strong coffee haha

    Anyway Black (M) lol...not that I will win after my comment anyway

  131. Galas

    are you guys not read the rules above?
    "The winners will be announced here on our blog on Thursday July 1st, 2010". it's over, right? or any other rules?

    just suggestion, I think Brusheezy Blog have to make a new post update about this event. So, people get clear. thanks :)

  132. Jem

    Blue Size S :)
    it's Very Cool!!

  133. Missing

    Blue size S :D

  134. Missing

    blue and size S please =]

  135. Break_dance_wallpaper_version_by_ahmedart_copy


  136. Missing

    Color: Blue, size: L
    It's so cool!!! :x

  137. Missing

    Blue and Medium... :D Please

  138. Missing


  139. 260620753

    Blue is Cooler! medium..... This will be my coolest shirt if ever I won this! keep it cool guys!

  140. Missing

    YAY!Black XL:P tyvm:D

  141. i love black....i like this program..i enjoy all the stuff here...thanks! size S...thanks again!

  142. Background_23_avatar

    hey july 1st has past..... is this still a valid contest! if so black xl 1st or blue 2nd

  143. Background_23_avatar

    Black 1st, blue 2nd, xl or bigger! Cool Contest!

  144. Black. XL. Keep up the great work!

  145. ?height=50&width=50

    i love red.. S size :D

  146. Missing

    make mine a blue royal xlarge

  147. 18736_1316013147556_1447555805_30892016_3699645_n

    black elegant..

  148. ?height=50&width=50

    love a fab black L :-)

  149. Missing

    i mean medium black :D<3

  150. Missing

    cool <3 m black

  151. Apple-lion

    Cool!! M black

  152. Awesome! XL in blue porfavor :) lol.

  153. Missing

    cool shirts! XLarge blue please :)

  154. Missing

    nice! i want that blue t-shirt

  155. Missing

    Large Blue =) god damn, i want that shirt...

  156. Missing

    medium black =)


  157. Missing

    medium Blue :)

  158. Missing

    Small Black!

  159. ?height=50&width=50

    This is great.... Small Blue

  160. 25712_1385547996529_1166883720_31136841_6400845_n

    I believe the eagles are the best.
    Medium Blue

  161. Missing

    small black :D

  162. Missing

    Small Black :)

  163. Missing

    2X blue

  164. 30878_397981235291_560175291_4474268_3541449_n

    Medium BLACK :D

  165. Missing

    mediam with black color

  166. medium black

  167. Missing

    large Black

  168. medium black! \m/

  169. large black

  170. Missing

    medium blue

  171. Untitle4654d6g54dd-1_copy

    Large Black

  172. Omg,So nice! :D a medium black :Dthanks alot, love this site!!

  173. Kuninkh_r

    Omg, so nice! :D a small blue. :D thanks alot, love this site?!

  174. Amazing ! A Medium Royal Blue would be great !
    Thanx Brusheezy !
    What a contesteezy ;)

  175. Hrck

    Large Blue! :)

  176. Large Blue please!

  177. A medium in black, please! :D

  178. Whiteboard

    Small in Blue Color (:

  179. Missing

    medium black here

  180. Missing

    hiii i want blue,coz blue is culzt

  181. Another Medium Black. Thanks

  182. Missing

    Black Medium size please.

  183. ?height=50&width=50

    XXL Blue would be lovely!

  184. Missing


  185. Create_creative_ideas_love-a10a84736e5dd611271677ee5c216be3_h

    medium black please!

  186. 19242_109745312369210_100000012240911_247473_5273631_n

    XL black plss
    I ♥ brusheezy

  187. Verbena

    Would love blue in mediium but grateful for any colour if I win. Thanks very much

  188. Missing

    nice thanks a lot

  189. medium black

  190. Missing

    medium black

  191. Missing


    XXL Black PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  192. Missing

    small Blue :) Please

  193. Missing

    medium black please!

  194. Halftone

    medium black thanks!

  195. Missing

    Small Black please!

  196. 19242_109745312369210_100000012240911_247473_5273631_n

    Black :)

  197. Missing

    lg black. you guys are the shizzle dizzle!

  198. ?height=50&width=50

    xl black please

  199. 5414_230731170463_680140463_8079312_249207_n

    What, no plaid or camo? ;-) How about something for a fat guy like me? XXL black would be lovely.

  200. medium black

  201. Missing

    Thanks for the opportunity! Large, Black, please

  202. Small And Black

  203. Snc00192

    small blue plz. thanx

  204. Missing

    small black plz

  205. Missing

    small-black please thanx

  206. 8784

    I will look great with BLACK-Small size

  207. Me03avtr

    Someone in our line of work can always use FREE clothes. I would look sporty in that handsome BLUE t-shirt. Make it an XLT (or XXL) and this frame will be stylin'! Thanks!

  208. Baraka


  209. Mbtag2

    Medium Royal Blue! Love this!!! Thanks!

  210. ?height=50&width=50

    Royal Blue in Adult Medium size.
    Love the site & that creatives are working together!

  211. Missing

    small royal blue thhhhaaaannnkkkksss! i love brusheezy! its saved me so many times!

  212. Missing

    Black - small! :) THANKS!!!

  213. Missing

    hey, yeah thanks, i love this website and free stuff so this is like the best of both worlds

    royal blue t shirt

  214. ?height=50&width=50

    By the way, love the site!!!!!!!!

  215. ?height=50&width=50

    It´s simple: S and Black. Got ti!

  216. Doingitwrong6


  217. Picmix-142012-142614

    Hi there!
    I would like a royal blue t-shirt.
    I wear a small t-shirt.

    Thanks for a great website!!!!

  218. Missing

    this is grte i wud like pink color .

  219. Avatar

    ohhhhhhhhhh... my fav is blue... but i would like to ask for a black medium brusheezy t-shirt.


  220. New

    I wud love wearing a Black XL n roam arnd in the streets of Mumbai ... creating an awareness fo the best place for photoshop brush in the Net . =)

  221. Missing

    I prefer a Blue large please!

    And show europe the best site for graphics
    Brusheezy !!

  222. Missing

    size:L color:black

  223. Missing

    xxl black please

  224. Lee_min_hoawf_wallpaper_1

    BLUE Medium

  225. ?height=50&width=50

    Black medium

  226. A_face_for_a_book

    I would loudly, proudly display my new, XL BLUE Brusheezy T-shirt to many social gatherings and events!

  227. Missing

    Black XL

  228. Missing

    blue,small please

  229. Galas

    also for me :D

  230. Lbu6

    Hey guys ! Black and Large Please !
    And I would love to win one , for I have 2 very good (looking) reasons on which to illustrate the Brusheesy logo. Hahahaha :D

  231. Missing


  232. Missing

    A blue small size Brusheezy T-shirt would look wonderful on me!

  233. Missing

    Man, if I could only be seen rockin' a large, royal blue Brusheezy tee, everyone would think I was so hip, and I would have lots of cool friends, and I would live happily ever after.

  234. Awesome! I would like a blue xL

  235. Missing


  236. Ash_me_highleywedding

    Color: Orange
    Size: Large

  237. Black, small :)

  238. ?height=50&width=50

    I'd like blue, 2X

  239. Pict0004


  240. Missing

    oooh very nice
    colour: black
    size: small


  241. Yooo

    nice :)

    color: Red
    size: medium

  242. Untitled-1

    i like!!!!!
    colour: blue
    size: medium
    looking forward to a positive response....

  243. Reem_32_


  244. :):) Coolll!!

    Colour : Black
    Size : XS or Small

  245. Yuri-run-devil-run-official-photo-girls-generation-snsd-10933401-381-590

    Wow!...the shirt look cool...(^-^)



  246. 6-r

    C: black
    S: Medium
    Thank you

  247. Moua

    Merci beaucoup ;-)

  248. Missing

    Thank you!

  249. 743camera_lens_1_

    Color: Blue

    Size: Medium

  250. 20052010107

    black ..
    size :medium

  251. Scifi.fantasy.hellspawn.hellspawn.jpg.rzd.146208

    color: blue
    size: XXL

  252. Color : Black
    Size : XXL

  253. Kaur_the_tiger

    Color: Blue
    Size: Large

  254. ?height=50&width=50

    color blue
    size large

  255. Missing

    Hello im new to this site and i saw this and i really liked this t-shirt,
    Color: Blue
    Size: L

  256. ?height=50&width=50

    LOVE IT! I never have shirts no one else has and this is definitely one of a kind!
    Color: blue
    Size: Medium
    Thanks. Love Brusheezy. Miss my Photoshop but have tons of brushes to load once I get back to work from medical leave.

  257. Missing

    I liked this t-shirt, please:
    Color: Black
    Size: M

  258. ?height=50&width=50

    Please please please can I have royal blue size M!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!

  259. New_logo_judhie_copy

    Color : Black
    Size : M
    Love It..!!!
    Thanks Brusheezy.!!!

  260. _rika_avatar_copier

    Black and size small, tank you in advance

  261. Brusheezy

    Blue size S (mens) M (womens)

    Muchas gracias in advance! :D

    If you like graphic tees and saving the planet, check out this shirt designed by AJ Brockman! >>

  262. Bpt_favicon

    XL Blue would be great although Black would be fine too! Thanks!!

  263. Ahshth

    Blue!!! Size M... great shirt! I love it! thanks!

  264. Missing

    Really hoping and hoping and hoping to get one! =D
    Medium blue.
    Really thank you! =D

  265. Missing

    Really hope to get this !

  266. Missing

    Color - Black - Size L

    Thank you very much.

  267. Meeee

    brusheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey tesssssssssssssssssssssss greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  268. Missing

    RT @brusheezy Free T-Shirt Giveaway

  269. ?height=50&width=50

    royal blue- size M


  270. Missing

    Black - Size L

    Thanx many, many THNX

  271. Missing

    Royal blue Medium. THNX!

  272. Bolan3

    2XL ( Royal Blue) =)

  273. Missing

    Medium and Blue! XOXO

  274. L (Large Size) and Royal Blue color please.

  275. Missing

    blue & L size please thanks a million..


  277. Missing

    Blue, Size large.

  278. ?height=50&width=50

    XXL Black

  279. Missing

    small black :)

  280. Missing

    BLUE (L) :D

  281. Missing

    small size and color blue

  282. S size and blue color. I love this page!!!! :)

  283. Galas

    is it possible for Indonesian? I hope it also free shipping for small blue one.

    I love brusheezy!

  284. Photograph

    i' like a blue medium.:)

  285. Anno5

    medium blue..
    i like this....!!!!!

  286. Missing

    small blue!!!!! :))))
    i love this page its perfect.

  287. Missing

    Medium,royal blue!
    thanks in advance and love this site

  288. Kehrle_ceu_colorido

    Medium, Blue!

  289. ?height=50&width=50

    medium blue

  290. Th_2027

    Medium Blue :)

  291. ?height=50&width=50

    Blue XL

  292. 41513_1177453995_3980_n

    i like dark Black large would be ok

  293. ?height=50&width=50

    large blue

  294. Missing

    An Extra Large in Blue

  295. ?height=50&width=50

    i like dark Black

  296. Missing

    or medium blue

  297. Missing

    Medium Black

  298. Missing

    Large Blue :D

  299. Missing

    s black!!

  300. ?height=50&width=50

    As were having a heat wave over here in England please may I have a black t-shirt sized 22 English please. shy.

  301. S black

  302. 25712_1385547996529_1166883720_31136841_6400845_n

    May I have a Large black one please?

  303. Missing

    m blue m blue

  304. Z152604369

    I want the Small Black one ^__^

  305. 07102009080-001

    Black Medium

  306. Italian_editors_petali_avatar_by_honeymoon_-_arts_2009

    I'd love the Medium blue one

  307. P1015144

    i want the medium blue one. :)

  308. Profile_pic2

    S Black

  309. M black

  310. Kitty_on_grass

    Small Blue

  311. Dsc_0320

    M - blue

  312. S Blue

  313. Origin-skelter-avatar

    Blue M

  314. Missing

    M - Blue

  315. Missing

    I wanna BLACK T' medium..!
    thanks ...(peace)

  316. Missing

    Black is my fav. color.. Black XL plz.......plz....plz....

  317. Missing

    Medium blue plz!!

  318. Missing

    XS blue

  319. Black size m! :D omg I love this giveaway...

  320. 2634847098_1


    I WANT IT !

  321. Gq

    Block-Medium size plz

  322. Draya-michele-psd43611


  323. Missing

    Royal Blue - L

  324. Kumarr

    Medium size/ Black color, please!

  325. Medium Blue, thanks!

  326. Missing

    Royal Blue - M
    Thanks! :D

  327. Missing

    blue, l please and thankss

  328. blue xl, thanks folks

  329. Missing

    Black & XL ;-p Thx!

  330. Mewhippic

    medium black :D

  331. Paula_putton_asbillie_holiday

    XL Black Please and Thank You!!

  332. small blue thanks ;)

  333. XL Black Thanks

  334. Missing

    I want size 20, color blue.
    thank you. :)

  335. Bloooop5

    Size-Medium, Color-Black.
    Please and Thank You.

  336. Missing

    Medium and blue ,Please

  337. Medium and Black, please. Thanks

  338. Hellboys

    or was it black?

  339. Hellboys

    S and green please :)

  340. Missing

    XL any color wouldya??

  341. ?height=50&width=50

    Blue and XL please

  342. 17616559

    Blue / Large :) Please and thank you

  343. Black/XXL Pls :)

  344. ?height=50&width=50

    Blue / Large Please

  345. Missing

    Small bule please :)

  346. Missing

    Blue/Large Please!

  347. Medium Black.

  348. Missing


  349. Missing

    I am a medium, and I would like blue!! Yeaya!!
    (>^.^)> KIRBY!!! <(^.^<)

  350. Missing

    I'm a small and the color should be blue.

  351. Logo-web-trasp

    blue - M size ... thank you ... RP

  352. Missing


  353. Missing

    My Photoshop has like 100 pack of brushes, 75% of them are from this web

  354. Missing

    I love the different types of brushes I can use ^_^

  355. Funny_cat

    LOVE THIS SITE!!!! <3

  356. Missing


    Awesome site. Great inspiration for my students!

  357. 5454

    M Blue

  358. ?height=50&width=50

    XL Blue

  359. Missing

    xl; blue

  360. Missing

    size: large
    colour: blue

  361. Missing

    size large / colour blue

  362. Asf

    i'd love to have this shirt having a size of M and a black one ! :D

  363. Zerografics

    3XL or 2XL and Black, if you have it. Otherwise anything would be great! I love this site. You provide such a great environment for creativity and free expression. And now this! Thanks, guys!

  364. Pato_vector_2

    small and black, pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  365. ?height=50&width=50

    size: medium / color black !

  366. ?height=50&width=50

    size: medium / color black !

  367. ?height=50&width=50


  368. size: x large
    color: Black

  369. Yazi_deneme_3

    size: medium
    color: blue

  370. Missing

    size: medium
    color: blue

  371. 3XL blue

  372. XL Blue

  373. ?height=50&width=50

    size : L
    color : blue

  374. size : medium
    colour : black

  375. Missing

    xlarge blue

  376. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz when iam entred in to the bruzees website the website is helped me a lot to create an creative thinks and designs and much more i like the this brusheezz thanks to createing this webpage for freee

  377. Missing

    I would like an XL sized Orange tshirt please...

    regards, zoli

  378. 19834_250055901353_559176353_4446281_6517440_n

    Size: L
    Color: Black

  379. Missing

    Black XL

  380. Missing

    Size : S
    Color : Blue

  381. Missing

    Size: M
    Color: Black

  382. Missing

    Blue or black will do!

  383. Hellow!
    Medium (female) in black, please.

  384. Missing

    Size:medium (female)
    Color: Black

  385. Missing

    Size: Small
    Color: Blue

  386. Size: Small
    Colour: Blue

  387. Missing

    Size: Guys Med


  388. ?height=50&width=50

    Small :: Blue

  389. Missing

    size: m
    and black

  390. Missing

    Size: M
    color: Blue

  391. Missing

    Size: M
    color: Blue

  392. 5_fold_media_logo_master

    Large Black please!

  393. Missing

    Size: small. C0loR: blue

  394. Missing

    Size Small
    and Black is the best color!

  395. Mpj04285650000_1_

    size medium, and blue is the best!

  396. Missing

    Size L
    Colour Blue is kool
    AAAAA Nice workin wid u :p

  397. Missing

    Great T-shirts ;)
    Size L, color doesn't matter ;)


  398. Missing

    I'd love one in blue! Thanks!

  399. T53qz0t2r-u57eu3y1j-22bce2e79d47-512

    XXL in blue would be GREAT!!!!

  400. Missing

    Large in size and blue in colour would be the perfect Tshirt for me :) !

  401. Missing

    Super nice shirts.
    XL in black...please please please

  402. Missing


    Blue and XXL (I have significant creativity stored in my girth!).

  403. X-Large
    Blue or Black (I'm not picky)
    Thank You!
    Love this site and without this site I would have never learned how to use my new Photoshop CS5 Master Suite!

  404. Missing

    medium in blue xoxo
    love you guys!!!!

  405. Missing

    Medium in blue please.
    Love this site.

  406. The-urge-to-admit-to-your-crush-that-you-really-love-him-167922

    Awesomeee! :D
    Small size and blue please :)
    Thank you so much!!
    Brusheezy is the awesomest <3

  407. Missing

    XL black or blue please

  408. Missing

    Black XL
    Thnaks for the chance
    \m/ \m/

  409. Missing

    Great idea .. I would like to show my brush supplier while wearing a cool shirt.
    Black or Blue

  410. Missing

    Great idea .. I would like to show my brush supplier while wearing a cool shirt.
    Black or Blue

  411. Missing

    I like the black T, Large.

    Thanks ahead,

  412. Missing

    Love the T-shirts, would love to represent my favourite brush site in a Blue size small one!!

  413. SWEET!!! Blue, Large!

  414. Missing


    I would love to show off the blue shirt In a size small

    Thank you!

  415. Awesome_smile

    Hey! :)
    Nice T-shirt!
    I'd love to wear the a S blue (girl) one...

  416. Missing

    Well HELLO Brusheezy!
    I would luv to be a rep in a Blue Brusheezy t-shirt size M.
    This is such a kool way of getting your name out there, nice1

  417. Merhaba!
    Ben Türkiye'den katılıyorum. Brusheezy'i keşvettiğimden beri photoshop eklentilerinde (özellikle fırçalar) hiç sıkıntı yaşamadığım için size teşekkür ederim. Eğer benim şansım varsa tişörtümü "Small" ve "Royal Blue" isterim.

    Verdiğiniz hizmetlere teşekkürler.

  418. 31412_425257563125_543518125_5357237_2908266_n

    Large Blue one pretty please!!!!!!!

  419. I would be proud to wear an XL, royal blue Brusheezy T-Shirt. Anyway will still be my best graphics resource site! 10x!

  420. Very Nice!!! I am looking for it....

  421. Missing

    Awesome! i'd love a size small or med in black please (ladies if poss)... Brusheezy rocks!! ;-)

  422. Missing

    Nice T!! Need ladies Large in blue. Thanks!

  423. Missing

    i need a medium size t shirt. i like blue color. plzzz

  424. Missing

    would love to have a Brusheezy t-shirt. Please Please Please.
    my size is a XXL in beige (or blue if you like)

  425. Missing

    I would love to have a Brusheezy t-shirt. Please Please Please.
    my size is a XXL in beige (or light green)

  426. Missing

    I would like to have a blue and my size is M.
    I am Benjamin from Kenya.

  427. Missing

    Hello there. I would like to have Black one and size is S :)

  428. hello
    I like to have it in Blue and my size is M :)

  429. Missing

    Hii, I would love to have Blue color t-shirt and size is M.
    Thank you! I want too this. :F

  430. Dsc_0527b

    hi.. I like to have it in Black and my size is M..

    Ahmedabad - INDIA

  431. Missing

    hello, i like black color and i want size M.

  432. Missing

    Hi, I would love to have Black t-shirt in
    size XXLRG (double extra large)

    please email me to ask for my mailing address, thank you!!

  433. Aaaa

    I'd love a Small or Extra Small in Blue sent to Kent please!

    Rock on!

  434. Missing

    Hi brusheeeezy...
    I would like a blue T-Shirt
    size: small, Thank you
    -Manila - Phlippines!

    Thanks!rock on!

  435. Missing

    I would like blue T-Shirt
    size: large, Thank you
    Mumbai - India

  436. Me_300x300

    I want a blue xl shirt, blue.. plz? :3
    But you wont shipp it to Sweden.. I guess =(

  437. Missing

    i would like a Blue or Black T-Shirt,
    Size Large. Thanks :) For East London!

  438. Gtg

    thanks for free hope to get free t-shirt, i want black t-shirt, size XL

  439. Dannys_tattoos4

    I would love to have a black 2xl shirt please!!!!

  440. Missing

    Hi there my size is M and black would be fantastic

  441. Missing

    Orange is the national color of The Dutch soccer team that is doing pretty fine right now. So I will be supporting you guys AND the national heroes. And if they go home with zilch, I still got the tee!

  442. Mora

    my size is m and i would like to have it in black......:-)

  443. Avatar

    My size is M, and i'd love to have it in black's cool...

  444. New_crush_logo

    Large and Black! Thanks for sharing so much great stuff!!

  445. Missing

    size- xL

    Color- Blue

    Thank you!

  446. Missing

    size - L
    color - Blue

  447. Missing

    Small and BLUE!! Thanks for all the awesome brushes and vectors! The best online resource for us designy folks! Cape Town SA says HELLOOO!!

  448. my T shirt size is 40 M and color is blue

  449. Avatar1

    M ...Blue
    Thanks so much!

  450. Missing

    S blue please! :D thank you!

  451. Kitty_poser

    M Blue please thank u

    Thanks a bunch!

  453. Fbtkm

    thanks brusheezy

  454. Missing

    M Black! Awesome!


  455. Missing

    M Blue

  456. My_logo_2

    XXL Black ........

  457. Whoop Whoop, Large please in a fabulous Royal Blue, cause black is so yesterday!!

  458. Yay! Size XS or S in Black. :]

  459. Clair_droit

    taille xl

  460. Clair_droit

    Bonjour, je voudrais un royal bleu grand merci :-)
    cela fera des jaloux mais la chance est aux audacieux, super pour l'été sur la côte d'azur à Cannes. Bonne journée à tous.

  461. Missing

    XL Black! Awesome!
    PO Box 4854
    fresno,ca 93744


  462. Missing

    I would like a royal blue Size L, Thank you very much :-)
    And may I ad, I think this is a marvelous idea. I will wear it very much, to make Brusheezy famous in all of my neighborhood.

  463. Missing

    Size Large colour Black.....thanks. Looks good.

  464. ?height=50&width=50

    Black will show the blink of brusheezy word on the shirt!
    I want black with XL size.

  465. Missing

    I'd like the black in small for men's. Thanks a lot! :D More power to you guys!

  466. Missing

    My favorite color is blue in XXL

  467. Kenny_256x256

    Royal Blue
    Thank you :D >:D<

  468. Missing

    Something SMALL and PRETTY would be cool, you choose as I'm not fussy!

  469. Missing

    Black Large
    this is fun!! :-)

  470. Missing

    I'll love to have a BLACK medium one!!!! ;)

  471. ?height=50&width=50

    Medium in Blue
    just short n simple!!

  472. I would like to have a BLUE color MEDIUM one :)

  473. Nimeshchheda

    I want Blue one as Im 6 feet tall so xl i thnk xl size would do. Thank You ;-)

  474. Methough


    Thank you guys! This is an awesome contest!

  475. Img2633a

    I want Blue and Black Medium size.Thank you!

  476. Missing


  477. M0j0jo

    A Large Royal Blue!! And a Large Royal Thanks to You!!

  478. ?height=50&width=50

    Medium Blue
    .............................................................................................THANK YOU

  479. L_3590ffb5a75141648a66c29d84ec3c43

    black medium thanks :)

  480. Selfportrait2

    Large and Black, Please and Thank you!

  481. Missing

    I want black in small size please. This is great, thank you! ^^

  482. Missing

    blue in a xtra large pretty please :) thanks

  483. Missing

    Blue, size Large!

  484. Missing

    Blue, Large

  485. Me

    Black in a small thank you!!

  486. Photography

    Blue please! In Large!

  487. Missing

    Blue is awesome for me :D size Medium :)

  488. Missing

    BlueCotton Tshirt Really CooooooooooooooooL

  489. Rocka

    just size S and blue..nice shirt!

  490. Sorry_were_open

    medium black thnx

  491. Icon_128

    Large & Blue. Thanks. Hope I Win! :)

  492. Missing

    woo! medium blue

  493. Wow,this is superb,I started searching for my Photoshop resources from Bursheezy,now you guys are providing t-shirts,this is awesome.
    I wish to get a royal blue large/royal blue extra large.

  494. Missing

    medium blue =]

  495. Missing

    Medium blue thanks!!

  496. Missing

    black and medium my friends!!!

  497. Mata_sari9ngan

    medium softblue....

  498. 6

    small and blue!!!!

  499. ?height=50&width=50

    Medium Royal Blue, gl everyone

  500. Mepro_shelbysmall_copy

    Would rock a ☞small black☜ Brusheezy t-shirt!! As a graphic designer I use this tool like a medium on a canvas! Rock it!

  501. Missing

    medium blue please! thanks guys and girls!

  502. Missing

    Medium black please :D

  503. Untitled-19

    I'd love a small black Tee!

  504. 28544_431441906257_795356257_5479088_1202988_n

    i wanna it blue my size is x large

  505. Blizaru

    I want Large Blue

  506. Missing

    Blue-Lg (or XL)
    would be great to finally win something!

  507. Black - Large
    I could REALLY use a new shirt...

  508. Black - Medium


  509. 15074345

    x3 haii, haiii this is the friendly mushroom um ... id lik
    BLACK - XL so i can wears it as a dress xDDD ty ty <3;;

  510. Missing

    Blue - XXL (or XL)

    Pick me please!!!

  511. ?height=50&width=50

    I want A large Bluuuuuuuue shirt!!

  512. Missing

    Large Black!

  513. Kingflea_2

    blue in large, thanks:)

  514. Missing

    blue in small!

  515. Missing

    Black in Large please n_n

  516. Missing

    royal blue in Medium please!!! :)

  517. Missing

    XS Orange (:

  518. Bunny

    Medium Blue =]

  519. 3

    Black, M, I cannot wait for the results, thanks for the advice.

  520. Missing

    Blue Medium

  521. Missing

    Medium Blue

  522. R_cicon5

    Royal Blue-MEDIUM:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  523. Missing

    Blue Medium

  524. Sarvesh1

    \m/ \m/ -------- Blue XL --------- \m\ \m/

  525. 8416aae5a790b870f2f51a4e1cb1753c

    Black - Large

  526. Ry_3d400

    royal blue XXXL sunkan

  527. Missing

    Free t-shirt? Yes, please! Royal blue, small. Thanks in advance! ;)

  528. Missing

    Black medium please....
    Danks :)

  529. Missing

    Royal Blue and Large please.
    Thanks :)

  530. Missing

    black xxl...thanks

  531. Missing

    Blue medium :-) Thanks!!

  532. Missing

    blue and large please, the t-shirts are pretty kl

  533. Missing

    black xxl

  534. Phtbth-1-3

    Blu & Small! per favore, amo questo sito! thanks ;)

  535. Blue, L, thank you very mucho!! Can't wait to see how this turns out!

  536. Animation

    Blue, XL Please!!

  537. Yoo

    Black M Please

  538. Mr.pain

    Blue 2-XLT it should be amazing win this event.

  539. Missing

    Black M will be amaizing

  540. Black in 3XLT would be great!

  541. Missing

    Black XL..Thanks!!

  542. ?height=50&width=50

    Royal Blue XL!

  543. Missing

    black 2xl please!

  544. Missing

    Sweet! Make mine Blue and XL.

    Thanks in advance :)

  545. Wait! Changed my mind. Large. Black. Like a long highway in the night.

  546. Blue. Large. Just like the ocean.

  547. blue

  548. Me_02

    small blue ...please and thank you!

  549. Stalker-raym-portrait-avatar

    Free Brushes... Free Tshirts...
    No price for generosity ^^

    Large, Male, Blue
    or black if it's possible !

    BYE ^^

  550. 1271916445-picsay

    male small blue!

  551. Missing

    Medium Blue! Thank you for this opportunity! Loving the site! Good luck to everyone.

  552. Missing

    black l

  553. Lego_luke-1-zoom

    Beat me BLACK AND BLUE. Black first... medium rare. Thanks, great idea!

  554. Medium Blue

  555. Missing

    Medium Blue! :)

  556. Missing

    XL Black for me!

  557. L_06dcf7e18ab440838ab9741a7fb25f35

    Size:medium Color:Bule

  558. Missing

    Black works for me on the Brushside! Still a big guy......XXXL! Thanks for making us look good!

  559. Missing

    large and black .....( thats what she said)

  560. Missing

    WL Blue - Awsom!

  561. 4511092367_b7676ce131_b

    Medium / Black Please!!!
    (This is great, what you're doing!)

  562. I would love to have the blue in small. :D

  563. Sandy-lost

    small blue

  564. Missing

    Medium Black <3 =)

  565. ?height=50&width=50

    Large / Black Can't wait due!!

  566. Missing

    Blue XL

  567. Missing

    large black! tnkx :)

  568. ?height=50&width=50

    It was time for the shirt. Thanks

    I will like a Blue, small

  569. Missing

    *offers a bribe to the random winner picker*
    medium blue please :D

  570. Missing

    Blue. Small. =)

  571. Spiderface4

    Black Xlarge - woohoo!

  572. Alexxx

    blue large!

  573. Image

    Blue Medium would be awesome =] Can't wait to show up in Lithuania with one of those...

  574. XL size, Black Color. I hope i win something first time in my life :D

  575. Missing

    Free t-shirts are the best t-shirts, large and black please :D ...sounded a bit wrong xD

  576. Posing102008

    I would really love showing off a Brusheezy T-Shirt! Black and size large. Thanks, Tim

  577. Missing

    For Free?!!

    Blue, Medium pretty please!


  578. ?height=50&width=50

    Blue, Small Please! *fingers crossed that I win*

  579. Missing

    Black, please! XL! Great idea, Brusheezy! :)

  580. Missing

    free T-shirt: nice idea
    A blue XL would look nice on me
    Thank you

  581. Missing

    Blue M. I can you it when I play soccer , thanks :•)

  582. Purple-fairy

    I would like blue medium t-shirt. Thanks a lot for this giveaway! :)

  583. Missing

    Black XL would be awesome!

  584. Missing

    hubby always needs t-shirts! xxl blue, thanks :)

  585. 6211427

    Free T-Shirt Giveaway!? :O
    Small → Blue
    Thanks ☺

  586. Missing

    Blue / Medium please :)
    Many thanks!

  587. Missing

    blue XL

  588. Missing

    Black XL please

  589. ?height=50&width=50

    Blue XL please

  590. Missing

    medium black


  591. Missing

    blue | small


  592. Missing

    BLUE!! All the way...Medium please!

  593. Missing

    Medium blue.
    Isn't that a song or something?

  594. Missing

    BLuE medium! I love brusheezy!!!!!

  595. Missing


  596. Missing

    Black medium puleeze! Thank you

  597. Missing

    Blue (Large) I have too many black shirts. LOL. :D But I love brusheezy...that and my Photoshop CS5! Oh yeah!

  598. ?height=50&width=50

    Blue Medium please!!!


  599. black large thanks!!!

  600. Chris-av

    Blue - large

    Thanx doods!

  601. Missing

    black , XL

    Thanks !!!

  602. Blue medium. Thanks very much. My english is very ... bad??

  603. Missing

    Black large thanks! I like how a lot of people are brown-nosing
    so I will too. Go brusheezy I <3 you!

  604. Blue medium! Thanks!

  605. Missing

    I love you guys!

    Black, XL

  606. Lbobi_twitpic2

    I guess I'll have to say Blue. Since the company's name is Blue Cotton, I trust the quality of their blue shirts is much higher than that of their black ones.

    I'm obviously kidding.

    Gimme dat shirt!!

  607. Missing

    black, 2XL
    Thank You!

  608. Missing

    big time brush nut,
    blue, 2x thanks a bunch for the chance to get a great tee

  609. ?height=50&width=50

    Blue, Large, awesome, thank you!

  610. Missing

    Large blue, please.

  611. 16850_10100143675280433_5260019_57559896_558449_n

    Blue 2XL please, Thank you

  612. Missing

    Black, Small! Thanks

  613. Missing

    Blue (L). Thanks !

  614. Missing

    Black Medium please :)

  615. Missing

    Sweet! Black Child Med if you have it, if not Adult x-small or small. Thanks!

  616. Black 2XL please!

  617. If-logo

    Large, Blue. Thanks!

  618. Missing

    Black, small. Love the variety of brushes! Thanks!

  619. Missing

    XXL, Blue. Thanks.

  620. Missing

    A blue shirt, size M would be perfect.

  621. Missing

    Small - black!!

  622. Eu_heineken3

    size M and black.
    I like T-Shits ^^,

  623. ?height=50&width=50

    Blue Small!!! AWESOME!!!! This site rocks!

  624. Missing

    Blue XL!!!! Cheers!!

  625. N674032518_221578_4104

    BLUE, Large! yay I love you guys!

  626. Missing

    Royal Blue Medium, please!!! ;o)

  627. 562509_4121463154666_1580445625_n

    Hmmm, Blue, large sized XXL, thanks a lot! :)

  628. Missing

    Blue, large! Arigatou!

  629. Missing

    medium blue. thanks

  630. Missing

    xs blueezy! thx :)

  631. Missing

    blue Medium please! thanks!

  632. ?height=50&width=50

    Black XL... Danke...

  633. Missing

    blue, small. Thanks!

  634. Black, XL

  635. Missing

    Blue, large sized XL, thanks!

  636. Missing

    I would like a Medium Black please :-)

  637. 23f4cc0c-a5eb-4272-9ee9-139a112a6e26

    Small Black :D but if no black blue is awesome too!! ♥

  638. Missing

    Medium Blue would be great! Thanks!

  639. Treeart

    Medium Blue please :D

  640. Missing

    Small Black. Thanks!

  641. Missing

    Medium Blue Plzz!

  642. Me

    Medium Blue por favor!

  643. Zuzankapromo

    PLEASE I NEED T-shirt i am very poor :D:D:D

  644. Zuzankapromo

    Medium Blue, Love you guys :D
    THX brusheezy!!!! you are best!!

  645. Missing

    Medium royal blue, love brusheezy =D

  646. Archnophobia

    Love the Blue, XL :)

  647. Edit_shock

    I Would Like Royal Blue, XL
    Thanks Brusheezy Your The Best !!!!!!

  648. Ren.mendoza_yahoo.com_8887bea5

    sorry.. on second thought, blue please blue

  649. Missing

    Large Blue please. I love the resources on this site!

  650. Ren.mendoza_yahoo.com_8887bea5

    Hi.. small black please. Thanks for your great site.!

  651. Meeee

    Anything from Brusheezy...
    "Medium is perfect" !

  652. Missing

    xl black, please!!!!!!

  653. Missing

    Medium black please! :D

  654. Missing

    medium blue would be gr8 :)

  655. Profilepic

    Nice! Small blue please :)

  656. ?height=50&width=50

    Blue, medium

  657. Miss_pink

    awesome :)

    i want blue medium t-shirt ^^ cool

  658. Sweet!
    I want Blue XL.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  659. Img_0045


    I would like a large men's black T-shirt.


  660. coolllllllllll
    I want blue small please
    thanksssssssssssss............. :D

  661. Missing

    Sweet! Blue XL.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  662. awesome :D!
    small black tee please :)

  663. Missing

    Blue never had this opportunity b4.....!!!!!!!!!

  664. 30824_456850719987_752309987_6058255_2099980_n

    Love this site man! wow!......... Black XXL......... like loose loose shirts :D

  665. Missing

    Love your site! Black XL, please!!!

  666. black small!!!!

  667. Missing

    Such a cool idea
    Blue medium

  668. Missing

    Pick me! Pick me! Blue XL tyvm

  669. Missing

    Love it, Love it, Love it
    Blue XL....awesome!

  670. Missing

    Black Small

  671. Missing

    I want it.... // color: blue size:medium // =)

  672. Avatarrrrrrr

    Blue in a Men's Small please. :) Thank you!

  673. Missing

    Black, medium.

  674. Missing

    1) Blue, Medium! Thanks for the opportunity
    3) Subscribed!

  675. Missing


  676. Ak


  677. 32

    large - black (:

  678. Medium, blue, please!! :) Thanks!!

  679. Paper_texture_2t

    Size : Medium, Black.Thanks :))

  680. ?height=50&width=50

    Blue, Medium! Thanks guys!

  681. James_bond


  682. Missing


  683. black

  684. Apid


  685. Dp_-_colour