Gregory Thelian

What's up everybody? Gregory Thelian here the host of Pimping Pixels the only design show that will teach you the tips, tricks, and techniques needed to become a pro.

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  • Water-brushes-vol-2
    Water Brushes Vol. 2
  • Uh-oh-accident-splatter-brush-pack
    Uh Oh Accident, Splatter Brush Pack
  • Makeup_preview
    Makeup Mark Brush Pack
  • Whysoserious
    Why So Serious?
  • Bb-written-paper
    Written Paper
  • Bb_aged
    Aged Paper
  • Designmoo-preview
    Getmyui.com Seamless Patterns
  • Preview
    Free Explosion Brushes
  • Featured
    Free Carbon Fibre Photoshop Patterns
  • Inksplat
    Ink Splatter Brushes
  • Thumb
    Grungy arrow brushes set
  • 300x220
    15 Realistic Sky Gradients
  • Adamnedart_-_paint_peel_set_-_thumb
    Brush Set No1 - Painting Peel Off PRT 2
  • 300x220
    Dried Blood Splatters
  • Crackeddesk_1of2_thumb
    Cracked Desk 1of2
  • Brush13
    Abstract Brushset XIII