kara kara

im just a normal gal,learning to make dresses on a adult dress up site, i came here to find beautiful brushes and patterns to make doll clothing, im 35 years old. i love life, i have tons of hobbies,and just enjoy being alive! Kara

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  • Funky-flower-frames-psd
    Funky Flower Frames PSD
  • Cool-pastel-textures-4
    Cool Pastel Textures 4
  • Free-valentine-s-day-brushes-and-patterns
    Free Valentine's Day Brushes and Patterns
  • Free-floral-swirls-brushes
    Free Floral Swirls Brushes
  • Halloween-invitation-templates
    Halloween Invitation Templates
  • Batty-bat-pattern-bat-backgrounds
    Batty Bat Pattern & Bat Backgrounds
  • Fantastical-electrical-patterns-of-awesomeness
    Fantastical Electrical Patterns of Awesomeness
  • Strange-forms-abstract-brushes
    Strange Forms Abstract Brushes
  • Display1
    Rose Brushes
  • 8-lightning-ball-brushes-vortices
    8 Lightning Ball Brushes & Vortices
  • 14-vortex-spiral-brushes
    14 Vortex Spiral Brushes
  • 12-psychedelic-circles-patterns
    12 Psychedelic Circles Patterns
  • 16-mottled-painted-floral-patterns
    16 Mottled Painted Floral Patterns
  • Clouds-textures
    Clouds Textures
  • Beautiful-feather-brush-pack-6-feathers
    Beautiful Feather Brush Pack (6 Feathers)
  • Cute-small-flower
    Cute Small Flower Brush Pack
  • Sponge-party-brush-pack
    Sponge Party Brush Pack
  • Large-rose-brush
    Large Rose Brush
  • Small-glowing-sunflower-brush
    Small Glowing Sunflower Brush
  • Lily_001
    Lily Flower Brush
  • Antique-butterflies
    Butterfly Pattern with an Antique Touch
  • Schooldoodles
    Floral Brushes
  • Flowers
    Flowers Brushes
  • Hairbrushth
    Fantasy Hair Brushes
  • 5_grunge_papers_preview
    Pink grungy papers
  • 6-floral-brushes
    6 Stunning Floral Brushes
  • Butterfly_brushes_by_heartdriven
    Butterfly Brushes
  • Preview_small
    Wallpaper patterns
  • Dark-wings-brushes-by-hawksmont300
    Dark Wings Brushes
  • Thumb
    Photoshop Plant Brushes
  • Thumb
    Hearts by hawksmont
  • 1166388916_thumb
    Snowflake brushes